Sunday, 24 April 2011

Crossfire WW2 German Heavy Weapons...

...supporting [what will eventually be] a Fallschirmjager company - hence the Fallschirmjager FOs and CC.

Good afternoon,


I have just finished painting and basing my first WW2 Germans. Its no wonder they lost the war, these camouflage patterns take a lot longer to paint than the Kiwis!

First up we have the said Fallschirmjager stands. Company commander and Forward Observers.

I know the blue is a bit bright, but I was tying to match the Revel painting guide for their German Paratroopers.

Next, the HaT German Mortar teams that the FOs are observing for.

Nice wee vignettes, straight out of the box.

And then, the tripodded MG42s.

I tied to follow the Flames of War guide to painting Fallschirmjagers...with varying degrees of success. And varying mixes of paint.

Ah well,



  1. Lovely work Nick, they all look the part mate. Better hide them away for ANZAC Day!

  2. Cheers Paul. Lets see how they go in the game tomorrow.


  3. Good work Nick.. if I had free time this break I'd have tried a Crossfire game with you... but all the spare time is going on this textbook rewrite..

    Keep up the good work

  4. Thanks Robin. Andy's coming round in the morning for a Crossfire bash. I know you don't have the time, but, well, if you did...cup of tea, perchance?