Monday, 11 July 2011

HOTT Winter's Day - Game 4

My 20mm VSF Brits against Gordon's 28mm Zulus. Zoo lose.

I was defending again, so, as he had big nasty blades (with a Hero, some Shooters a Magician and a Horde), I threw in as much terrain as I could. As well as another river. Yay!

And so it began...

First contact - my water lurker pounces on his Hero.

While on the other flank, my lurker pounces on his Behemoth.

Seeing as he was disadvantaged by the terrain, my lurker recoils his Hero. Yay!

So I fly over my Air Boat to lend a helping hand...

...and bingo, bango, his Hero goes down! Yay!

Now here's where the dodgeness begins. My sub gets recoiled by his Shooter, fair enough, but then his Magician takes a pot shot at my Air Boat. Ok, fair enough I thought at the time, but in the cool light of the evening I realise that Gordon (or I, for that matter) didn't take into consideration the effect of the water on a magic attack. Gordon used the Magician's non-effected factor of 4 against my Air Boat when he should have been using 4 -2 for magic across the water. Ok, so it just caused a flee on my 'boat, but this would prove a critical oversight later in the game...

Anyway, I fly the boat across to his other flank...

...hoping to catch is elephant in Bad Going. Which I did.

Although a fat lot of good it did me!

And here's where I 'lost' the game. Gordon fires a magic attack against my Magician General, at factors 4 to 5...or so we thought...

...and my General lost, losing me the game. As indicated previously, it should have been factor 2 to 5, which would have instead cost him his Magician, and put me well on the way to winning the game.

Which in turn would have put me well on the way to winning the Tourney, as that would have given me four wins out of five games, the same as Robin, yet I lost fewer elements than he...

Still, had either of us realised and corrected these combat factors, Gordon would have done something else, so...

C'est la vie.


  1. Great stuff, Nick - love the theme!

  2. Cheers Monty,

    'Twas a great way to while away some hours.