Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Whiz Bang at Wizards, Game 4 vs. Jeremy.

Good evening,

Well...err...yeah...one win, two losses, each with a blowed up Falcon...so, umm, down to the bottom table I go.


And while I was there, I caught up with Jeremy, who was running Soontir, Redline in a brand new Tie Punisher and a couple of Academies.

Thankfully, Jeremy splits his forces, so...

...Wedge was able to one shot an Academy.


Then...Wedge zips around the debris (I'm loving PTL with an Engine Upgrade on Wedge), while Lando flies into the remaining Acadamy.

Thankfully, Jeremy's heavy hitters are still out of range and/or arc.

But not for long.

Jeremy piles on the hurt Lando, while I pile on the hurt on Redline.

Let's see who goes down first.

Aww, Stink!


...at least I took out a still heavily ordinanced Punisher.

Right, back to the recurring theme of the day - Wedge against the world.

So, first he chases down the Academy...


Now Wedge just had to deal with Soontir...who was behind him...


Time to turn him around.

While Soontir took great big chunks out of Wedge...in fact, last bound and we were both down to one hull...

Boom! Against a fully turtled up Soontir!


It was a great game, coming right down to the last throw of the die.

Thanks Jeremy.

As that was the last game of the day, all the points were added up and...I came 13th of 18. Top of the bottom third. Again!

It was a fun old day, and a good time was had by all. Thanks boys,


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