Monday, 23 August 2010


Acronyms. Where would we be without 'em?

Good evening,

Just a quick update, term is as busy as ever (I get me an interactive white board on Wednesday!)...

I have been, from time to time, applying paint to some Esci Colonial Brits (over a thin coat of PVA - these are going to be used as skirmish figures, unlike my other plastics which are based for massed game systems, so I'm making some extra effort to keep the paint on the figures. I'll probably use a spray on varnish to finish them off).

Being VSF, I have also pulled together a couple of Steam Powered Rocketeers...

The rocket packs are garden watering system parts/connectors that have had their middle cut out and the ends glued back together. I've just attached them to their backs with a generous helping of PVA. They are atop GW flying bases.

They'll be painted red and blue, just like the others.

I'm hoping that a thin wash of Badab Black and then a subsequent highlight will work with these fellows. (The wash worked well for the Kiwis, but it did leave them a bit dark. Good for WW2, but I wants me Victorians bright 'n shiny!)

'Till next time,



  1. Good to see some more progress Nick, the rocket troops are a great idea!

  2. Cheers Paul. If only work didn't get in the way!