Monday, 6 June 2011

Stylish Blog Nomination

Good evening,

I've been nominated for a Stylish Blog award by Alan, from Dux Homunculorum. Thanks mate, right back at you!

Apparently I've got to tell youze about me, so...

...10 things I know about me...
  1. I'm a Christian - that is that I acknowledge that Jesus is God, He came to Earth as a man, lived a perfect life, died to pay the price for my sins and was risen back to life by God on the third day (1 Cor 15: 3&4), and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. (Actually, the Nicene Creed - I was brought up in the Anglican church - kinda covers it...)
  2. I'm married, with two children.
  3. I teach Year 1 and 2 children (5 and 6 year olds) at an integrated Catholic school (though I'm not a Catholic myself - I attend Life Church (Pentecostal)). I love teaching, 'cept for the time it sucks up (55+ hours at school each week).
  4. I've been wargaming since 1991, when I was first introduced to DBA with plastic figures.
  5. About the same time, I started my first web site DE BELLIS LUDIS CUM HOMUNCULUS MOLLIUS, a GeoCities site...before GeoCities went down. All coded by hand. Hence, the spelling mistakes.
  6. I started Canterbury Miniatures (I created that spinning kiwi gif! If I had the money, I'd like that logo as a tatoo (minus "Canterbury Miniatures"), but I really can't justify it to myself - there's a great big hole in my sneakers that needs to be attended to first!) before I went teacher training, but never had the capital to really make it work. Stan's doing a much better job that I ever did!
  7. I love playing my electric guitar, both at school and at church.
  8. When I was 10, I made the cover of a couple of knitting patterns!
  9. I only went to Varsity (BA in History, after some fumbling around) 'cause I was rejected by the Air Force (athsma) - back in the day when there were no student fees...'cept for my last year. $1300, if I remember correctly.
  10. Oh yeah, which means, as of 2011, I'm, what, 42 years old. I think. 2011-1969=42 doesn't it?
I'd like to recommend, in no particular order... stylish themselves.




  1. A whole lot of things I never knew about you.. fascinating.

    And thanks for the recommendation...

    How's the term going? I still want to bring some staff out to see you using your tablet..


  2. Cheers Robin.

    Term's pretty frantic. Might be why I've got this cold thingie that's laid me down for the weekend (actually, 'twas the migraines that did it).

    Reports and production in the same term. What were we thinking?

    Yeah, you're still more than welcome to come out and see the Tablet PC in action (brilliant piece of hardware, specially hooked up to the IWB). Just name a date. Morning's best, 'cause that's when we're doing literacy and numeracy.

    Mind you, I'm using it throughout the day, but I'm taking notes on it through the morning. As well as modelling for the chn.

    Check out the blog for more.


  3. Ummm prolific? Just regular I think. Cheers for the kudos and well done. I always look forward to school holidays to see your output.

    Regards Paul

  4. Cheers Paul. I should be so 'regular'!

    And I sure am looking forward to the holidays - I gotta finish me a second company of WW2 Kiwis to match the two companies of Jerries that Andy gave me.


  5. Great to see another Jesus following, wargaming, blogging bloke. I'll add your site to my bloglist & follow.
    Used to work for a school myself, now working in welfare/community service- just as challenging...

  6. Cheers Jack...Sarge...JackSarge.

    Your Shermans look way cool, as does your infantry. Nice work.