Friday, 23 December 2011

WIP December 2011

Good afternoon,

Just for the sake of a new post (!), here is what I'm working on at the moment. Specifically...

Four more Skellie Horde elements, two Shooters and another Rider for my HOTT Skellies to push it out to 1000 Warmaster Army Points. 1100+ if you count the Skellie Dragon as a Dragon, and not a Sphinx.

Also some 6mm Epic Armageddon Space Marines and terrain.

I painted that company years ago but I've only now come to some sort of conclusion as to how to base them.

I'm also pottering away with four 6mm Predators.

But the big news is that, not but an hour of so ago, my PSC 20mm Pv IV (H)'s arrived!

And here are the two reasons I went with the PSC Pz IVs instead of HaT's offerings - crew and Schürzen skirts for their sides and turrets.

So I've got plenty to while away my time off. So long as these large earthquakes over the last hour don't bring the house down around our ears...or, more importantly, biff the new TV off it's perch!

Merry Christmas one and all,



  1. Some good painting and nice purhases.

    Hang in there Nick!

  2. Cheers Paul. Merry Christmas mate!


  3. Those PSC tanks look great, I was thinking about getting some today and then the quakes hit and I forgot all about it !


  4. Nick

    Nice update post.. hope you are all OK after this afternoon's shakes?

    Have a great Xmas

  5. Hi Jacko,

    Yep, these Pz IVs look great.

    Should go nicely with your D.A.K.

    Haven't pulled together a tank kit for, stink, the last one I did was a T-55 back in...30 years ago!

    Took about 10 days to get across from the UK, which isn't too bad, considering the time of year.



  6. Hi Robin,

    Yep, we're all ok. Kelsey was more concerned with the new tellie than anything else!

    How's things at your end of town? Gotta feel for the poor blokes in Brighton...

    By the way, just finished a 2000 AP battle of Epic Armageddon. Introduced a mate to it. Marines won out, primarily 'cause he was a little timid with his warbands...