Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hoplites Hoplites Everywhere...

...and not a pointy stick!

Good afternoon,

At school we're having a look at ancient civilizations. Sooo...naturally, my class has made (well, an ex-parent has, and a grandparent has given them their handles, and my wife and I gave them their base coats, and another parent along with some senior children made the children's designs' stencils, and some other parents helped them to trace and block paint said designs, and pick out details afterwards with with indelible pen) Hoplite shields.

Another parent made 26 chitons + one for me!

Anyway, I've been thinking a bit about what the children will do with them. Something like this...

...but without the pointy sticks.

Further to this, I found these clips fascinating.

For the technically minded among us.

Courtesy of Nikolas Lloyd. Interestingly, this fellow plays Crossfire too.

Thanks Nikolas,



  1. Nice one Nick, start the kids early in the hobby.

    1. Too right! Mind you, yet to introduce them to the miniatures yet - dressing up as one can be step 1!