Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Falcon...

...goes down!

Good evening,

Luke and I had our first game of Star Wars X Wing Miniatures Game with New and Improved Falcon supplement. 98 points each, Luke taking 3 named character TIE fighters, a named character TIE Advanced and a Black Squadron grunt vs. The Millennium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewie, a Red Squadron grunt and a Rookie. As it happened, I don't think I used Han or Chewie's abilities once...

It came down to the wire...but the Falcon's cause was not helped by the fact that I was using the new deck of damage cards that came from the second starter box that I hadn't shuffled. My first clue came when my third critical hit happened to be the third "Double Hull Damage" effect in a row!

Still, way cool game (I almost flew off the edge of the field!), and Luke is keen for more, which is great.


Oh, and if the slideshow plays sans music, it'll be some copyright thing - I've tried to the scores from The Asteroid Chase and The Escape From the Death Star.


  1. I think you lost because you didn't have a suitably Star Wars name- your opponent was Luke after all (even if he was posing as an Imperial)

    1. Oh, that explains it now! Nothing to do with the facts that my Red Squadron X Wing got blown up before firing a shot, or I kept drawing double damage critical hit cards! :-)

      I'm sure there's a site that would tell me my Star Wars name...hang on, here's one - Grani Hoinv. Hmmm...doesn't sound very heroic...

  2. Every time I see this game, I want it more! The Falcon model looks great too - it can certainly fly the Kessel Run in under 17 parsecs ;)

    1. Well, speaking from personal experience - go for it Monty!

      Even the starter box is a lot of fun, but now, with 100 points worth...but be wary - it is a bit of a money soak. Now I wants me another X Wing, a Y Wing, possibly an A Wing, maybe an TIE Fighter Interceptor...