Sunday, 16 June 2013

Y Wing Victorious...

...well, sorta...

Good morning,

With our school production out of the way (it went better than I could have hoped!), I should be writing report comments. They're due by the end of the week, and, well...ughhh...

Anyway, my lad Matthew invited round his mate Andrew on Friday night, and, as I hadn't played with my new A Wing before, we set up a game. About 83 points worth, as the fourth TIE fighter's peg snapped as I was getting it ready, so it had to sit out the game while some glue dried.

This was also my first game with some 3D asteroids that I got from a bloke in Dunedin via Trade Me. A little big regulation wise, but way cool!

Andrew took the Imperials, I took the Rebels, and Matthew took a seat to enjoy the view.

Around zipped the A Wing...

...and bammo! Torn to bits it was thanks to the TIE-A's cluster missiles!

(I've since read that the A Wing is best to zip thither and yon rather than head straight in.)

And so the Y Wing continues it's lazy arc, escorted by the X Wing (who probably feeling like a sitting duck next to this, well, waddling duck...)

Wait for it...

Success! My Y Wing's first ever kill. The X Wing ended up with nothing to shoot at.


...turned out that it didn't get much of a chance to do anything but die!

And that's where we left it. There was just no way the Y Wing could survive against the three remaining Imperials.

However, upon further investigation, that A Wing would more that likely have survived that first encounter. We were adding the "+1 attack die when attacking at range 1" modifier to the missile attack which you don't do to missile attacks, just primary weapon attacks. So Andrew would have only thrown 6 dice, not the 8 that he did (cluster missiles essentially attack twice. Urghh.)

Sooo...I call that an inconclusive result! Who knows what the A Wing might have added to the Rebel's cause!

Anyway, we set up for another game. Same sides, same forces.

(Note the candy the boys were eating. Most appropriate, I thought, given the setting!)

Things were going much better for the Rebels this time (I was surprised that the A Wing survived that cut across the middle there), but Andrew had to shoot through as he had work in the morning.

Still, it's a great wee game.

And I just picked up a TIE-I yesterday to add to the mix...



  1. Good to see you back in the saddle (Cockpit) Nick!

    1. I wish! I was just procrastinating... :-)

  2. Another great looking game - very nice!

    1. Thanks Monty. Only real trouble is the set up - lots of options to choose from and then sort out. I'm looking forward to my 4 vs 6 fighter only bash!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Leif. It is a good game. Bit of a money soak though. My current forces have cost me about $NZ 250! Great fun though.

      Thanks for that post about your PSC Stugs too. Very interesting.

    2. My pleasure. I'm not sure how much I have sunk into the game, but I don't think I'm close to owning enough yet.

      My goal is to have at least one each of all the capital ships, and three each of the different fighters. That way you can experiment with different force compositions. Of course, you can never have to many Ties so I have bought six tie fighters so far. (Getting two starters helped!)

      I'm not there yet, still need another y-wing, a-wing and Tie Interceptor, and two Tie advanced. And then there's Wave 3 looming on the horizon.

      Glad you enjoyed my StuGs!

    3. That's pretty hard core! :-) Sweet! I totally get it though - the different combos just beg to be explored!

  4. Replies
    1. Ain't that the truth! This game captures it pretty well, specially when the dogfights keep going.

  5. Where did you get the Intercepter from? I can't find one anywhere?

    1. Hi Ki, I got one from Comics Compulsion here in Christchurch. Had to wait a for days 'till they got new stock in.