Saturday, 19 April 2014

Warclouds Over Woolston. Game 4.

And so on to Game 4, this time against new comer...rats! I've forgotten his name! Nice chap, first games of HOTT and he was doing really well.

From memory, he had...
  • Hero General
  • 1 Knight
  • 1 Rider
  • 1 Behemoth
  • 4 Spear
  • 4 Hordes
All that heavy foot against my poor wee shooters! So I thought I'd try something sneaky. I deployed with a refused flank, or at least one covered with my aerials...

...all the while planning to use my Air Boat's mobility to fly it over to strengthen where the real action was about to ensue!

I even made space for it by shunting across my Steam Tank. Ha! Get it? Shunting!

In the meantime, my flyer faced off a horde of foe. Or more particularly, two Hordes and a Rider.

The hole in front of the enemy Behemoth duly plugged, in we rolled.

At least my Steam Tank Behemoth was at least facing a mounted element. So, I had the advantage there, right?

To try to seed some confusion, I flew my flyer over into the rear of his end line.

And so the clash began.

Not very well for me, as it happened.

On the other end of my line, my Steam Tank was getting itself into all sorts of bovver. Rather than killing the enemy mounted, it just pushed them back. And back. Until...well...

So, the successful Spear block turned to face more Red Coats. Who were in turn supported by the Royal Naval Brigade.

Not that it did them much good.


On the other end of the line, in rolled the Hordes. Urghh!

Worse know how my Steam Tank was sticking it's neck out?


Worse still, the dratted Rider had finally managed to cross into the centre, to the detriment of my brave boys in blue.

Still, against the odds (even though, with the tank being overlapped, the odds were even), the mighty power of steam managed to shrug off the Hero and pursue the enemy.

Talking of against the odds, even though they were did that Gattling gun survive. this time in the game there were a lot of holes in my line.

And it gets worse!

That's another element of Blades. Bother.

Still, at least my Steam Tank was having some success. Not great success, but anything at this point is a plus...

Well, at least I didn't loose my General!

Ha! And I'd managed to kill...a Horde!

But, well...things were looking really dodgy for my General!

He survived (I'm pretty sure this time it was against the odds!), so I pulled him back for some support from the Air Boat.


And that was the end of that. Time was called, so it was considered a draw. Even though I was on a hiding to nothing. Big time.


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