Sunday, 15 October 2017

Heroic Hoplites Finally Finished - Huzzah!

Good afternoon,

End of another couple of weeks of holidays (much of which I spent working, but there you go), and here, finally, along with the first of my Macedonian Cav...

...including Thessalian Cavalry (Cv), some generic Greek LH, and young Alexander himself, atop Bucephalus, which I'll use to represent all Hellenistic generals (DBA Kn - after all, they were all trying to be a new Alexander, right up to Napoleon!)...

...I have finally finished painting all of my Hoplites!

(Newline metals)

So now I have 18 hoplite elements. Huzzah! Enough for two opposing armies... this case II/05b [Later Hoplite] Athenian Army 448-275 BC...
  • 1 x General (Sp)
  • 1 x Cavalry (Cv)
  • 1 x Cavalry (LH)
  • 4 x Hoplites (Sp)
  • 3 x Hoplites (Sp) (or Peltasts (Ps), which I've pulled into my 4Ax elements)
  • 1 x Hoplites (Sp) (see above)
  • 1 x Archers ([3]Bw - mine are 4Bw...for some reason...)
...which is pretty much my 1/52 [Early Hoplite] Later Athenian list...

...against II/05i [Later Hoplite] Other Hoplite Armies in Greece 448-225 BC...
  • 1 x General (Sp)
  • 1 x Hoplites (Sp) (or Cavalry (Cv) which will be in the form of my Alexandrian Allied Greek Cav, which are now on the painting block, so to speak)
  • 7 x Hoplites (Sp)
  • 2 x Hoplites (Sp) (or Peltasts (Ps), which I've pulled into my 4Ax elements)
  • 1 x Psiloi (Ps) (these are actually figures from my first box of Revell Pretorians many, many, many moons ago)
...or of course a double DBA army, probably against those upstarts from the north, the Macedonians. (I'm not doing another 4 12Bw elements to complete a second Early Achaemenid Persian army!)

Cool! Now to game with them...sometime...



  1. Well done on completing your army mate! :-)
    Hope you get some good games with them.

    1. Thanks John. Few more bits and pieces to join the fray. And I should be so lucky!

  2. What a colorful and beautiful collection, congrats!

    1. Thanks Phil. They were a long time coming - I think I purchased the figures in the early 2000's!

  3. Cool Hoplites Nick! Also I love the colours on the cavalry.

  4. Nice work! Lets try and arrange a game of something soon! :)

    1. Mate! I'd love to - I've been keen on Greek state on state action since I first heard of it.

  5. Excellent army(ies) ! It is good to see that sometimes, the job can be complete, I will try to follow your example :D

    1. Hi Phil. Ha! It was your inspiration that I used for my cav! Thanks, I would have never tried the leopard skin on the companions without you!

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