Thursday, 25 January 2018


Good evening,

Over my summer hols (it's been gloriously hot down here!), as well as knocking off my Thracians, I have finished off two more Macedonian [8] Pike elements, my last Greek Auxilia element (now I have three - a full Warmaster Ancients unit's worth), another Greek Psiloi element and a makeshift artillery piece.

(I say makeshift, because the Macedonians didn't use such light field artillery pieces (this being a HaT Roman Scorpio). They used rather lager pieces. So, this will have to be replaced...eventually.

As will that Auxilia element, since it is supposed to represent Hypaspists. I've got a birthday coming up in April, so I feel an order from Newline in my future...)

Finally, after many, many moons I now have an all option DBA II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian army complete and ready to field. Sort of.

II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian Army
  • 1 x General and companions (3Kn)
  • 1 x Thessalins (Cv)
  • 1 x Light Horse (LH)
  • 1 x Hypaspists (4Ax)
  • 6 x Phalangites ([8]Pk)
  • 1 x Psiloi (Ps)
  • 1 x Greek hoplites (Sp) or Thracians (3/4Ax) or Bolt-Shooters (Art)
Now to do another six [8]Pk elements, two 3Kn, one, possibly two 4Kn, four Cv, two [Armoured]El, (and possibly another two [Early]Elephants). Oh, as well as two elements of Hypaspists and two element of more period appropriate bolt-throwers. That'll cover most of the Imperial and Successor lists nicely.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mark. Not a touch on yours...but not quite as price either! :-)

  2. What a splendid army Nick - and job! - especially the artillery and pikes imho...

    1. Thanks Phil, that's very kind. Yes, I'm quite pleased with the pikes. Cheers!

  3. Another nice job ... now, to get them on the table eh?

    1. Ha! A chance would be a fine thing!

  4. Very cool army Nick, I like it a lot!

    1. Thanks Tony. It's only taken me...when were these things released? 16 years!

    2. I know where you are coming from, busy prepping some figures I collected from a convention in 2011. At least *some* will get done *eventually* is the motto for me!

  5. I think we al have that? I have just started work on a semi historical Chinese army for HotT. Bought the figures around 2002.An dI still have stuff I bought in the 80s.. blimey!!