Sunday, 2 February 2020

Epic 2.0

Ahiahi marie (Good afternoon in Māori),

Oh my, but it's been a long time since I posted anything here. Too much work, not enough games, you know how it is. Also picked up making 1/72nd scale aircraft again after, well, after a hiatus since the mid '80s really. Some of them have came out pretty well.

And I quite like how my 1/52 scale [crashed] Jedi Eta class fighter turned out...

...which I plan to eventually use as an objective for an Edge of the Empire game I started a while back.

Speaking of the Empire and such...X Wing 2.0 Epic play...

As a Christmas present to myself, I brought FFG's Epic Play and Huge Ship Conversion sets so as to get my Epic ships onto the table, 2.0 style.

I was a little disappointed to find that the Huge Ship Conversion box only came with one damage deck, two huge ship trackers and two huge ship bases. I guess that they figured that each side would purchase their own conversion sets, but...yeah, nah! Of my mates, I'm the only one who has thusly upgraded. So...

I photocopied another damage deck (!), printed another huge ship base from Thingiverse, and designed my own 3D printable Huge Ship Tracker thingie so as I could have enough bits and bobs to run three of my huge ships at the same time. And so my first 2.0 Epic game was born...

The situation was thus...

An ungrateful miscreant, oblivious to the many and varied advantages provided the galaxy since the birth of the Empire, had contacted the dastardly Rebel Alliance with some ill gotten information that would no doubt further their terrorist endeavours.

The goal was for Brad to dock the Hawk with the CR-90, transfer the data for a turn, then get the corvette off one of the table's short edges to successfully whisk away the stolen data.

My goal was simply to stop him.

Brad was flying...

(Pretty loaded CR-90, couple of Red Squadron T-65s, and a dorsal turreted Y, all the small ships having Protons...)

...while I was flying...

(A Gozanti with four Academies, and a pretty decked out Raider)

The Rebels set up first, with the Hawk in the middle of the table, then Brad took the first turn from his short edge before the Imperials jumped in from Hyperspace at range three from their short edge.

Not a lot happened the first couple of turns...

...except the deployment of the Ties...

...who thankfully didn't get run over by the Gozanti!

Brad managed to run the corvette into the Hawk...

...which stripped it's shield and spun the 290 around.

The fighters engage...

...much to the surprise of an Academy pilot...

...however, what, with the three remaining Ties and the Gozanti pouring in fire, neither did the Y Wing last long. Thankfully. The prospect of that Y Wing reloading it's proton missiles gave the Gozanti captain some pause.

All while the big boys hammered away at each other.

The Xs peeled off to go after the Raider.

But not before coming under the attention of the Imperial flank...

Still, this is where things started to go down hill for the Raider.

The remaining X got off a salvo of protons...

...before getting run over by the Raider.

Things were getting a bit dicey for the Imperial Raider. Not least for the reason that I flew it right into the path of the CR-90! Suffice it to say that I ran out of critical damage tokens!

(We actually got this a bit wrong - if two huge ships are going to collide, the moving ship moves one less than the speed it has dialed, and then possibly another single move again, until it ends up closer than it was, but not touching the other ship.

So Brad effectively moved the CR-90 twice 'till the huge ships weren't touching...but then we applied the collision damage for each time he moved it (that is, twice), instead of just the once as a subsequent read of the rules seem to suggest...)

With the Rebel fighter menace dealt to, it was time to concentrate firepower into the remaining rebellious rascal...


...Tie-fighters-getting-run-over-by-their-Gozanti notwithstanding.

Alas, the Raider had taken a pounding...

...and went pop!

Boy did it go pop!

Still the brave Academy pilots kept in formation (even if it did mean running over an asteroid), only to get popped off, one... one.


Which just left the Gozanti...

...but not for very much longer!

Still, a good time was had by all, and now that we've got an idea of how things are 'sposed to work, we're keen for a rematch.

Thanks Brad,



  1. Great to see you posting again mate :-)

    1. Thanks John! (Sorry for the delay in reply, I must have missed the memo!)

  2. I second Jacksarge, happy to read you :)
    I didn't know there were such huge spaceships in this game, incredible !!

    1. Thanks Phil! Yep, Huge ships are a thing, and are now better in 2.0.

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