Monday, 4 January 2010

Steam Tank Update

Good afternoon,

Well, it's been slow going. I enjoy making wargame armies, I endure painting them!

The wheels for the tracks are from the Airfix Ancient Brit chariots, with some air dried clay wheels in between so as to make the tracks wider, more chunky. I've decided to make the tracks with strips of card, with the 'links' being made by scoring lines onto/into the card.

Having the 'Mark 1' model there has been surprisingly useful in figuring out how things fit. That big white thing hanging off the side is a 54mm / 1/32nd scaled ships air vent. I was hoping it was going to be quite a bit smaller when I ordered it. Not sure whether to use it or not. Whatdayarekon?

Next step - keep painting the crew so's I can seal them inside the hull, bridge and turret. Then on with the running gear. Which looks really tricky. Ah well...