Sunday, 11 March 2012

WW2 Vehicles Work In Progress

Good evening,

Over the last wee while I've been pottering away with these...

My recent purchase, alluded to last time, is a Bren Gun Carrier.

I'm wanting to add a Bren Gun and gunner once I get the figures Stan's waiting for me to pick up.

Rats! Isn't it funny that the camera picks up stuff you've missed?! Gotta do those webbing straps...and get rid of that stray hair!

The 6 Pounder that it came with is assembled, but not painted yet.

Next, a couple of Armour Fast Shermans that I've had for a while but thought, since I was painting vehicles, I'd give them a go.

Lastly a wee jeep.

And I mean wee. Got given it, so I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure it's 1/76 rather than 1/72. (Same probably applies to the Bren Gun Carrier. Package says 1/72, but I think it's more likely the 1/76 kit with a couple of 1/72 crew figures thrown in...)

I've painted these with a green grey base coat, liberal Badab Black wash, another coat of the green grey atop, with a bit of a lightened highlight atop. Not entirely convinced that the end result is commiserate with the effort, but, well...perhaps it is!

Got to apply the decals to the carrier, then I'll dry-brush some mud.

These have been a pretty cool way to pass the time!



  1. Some great work there Nick, could do with some more Bren Carriers myself

  2. I'm no expert but these look really good to me.Nice work.

  3. Good work on these. The Jeep is from the Airfix Buffalo set, and you are quite correct it is 1/76.

    Coming along nicely mate

  4. nice clean tanks, any weathering plans?

  5. Thanks lads,

    Haven't put together a proper model kit for ages (the Armourfast Shermans don't really count!), and it's been a lot of fun.

    Rich, yep, I am planning to weather them over the next wee while. I can't rush these things...I'm not real sure what I'm doing!