Saturday, 4 May 2013

May The Forth Be With You!

Good morning,

And welcome to Star Wars Day! Well, over on this side of the date line anyway.

Hence, these pics of an X Wing game we played earlier this week.

I got completely done over!

Mark, doing his satisfied Wookie impression!

Further to the Star Wars theme, we also had another session in our Star Wars Roleplaying Game (West End Games, Ed 1 [D6]) adventure, where we had to escape from a detention centre on a recently re-purposed (by the Imperials) Republic era communications station by going through an agricultural facility. A nice big fire fight was had by all with a group of mercenaries/gangsters of dubious association, including the use of a thermal detonator - which we discovered was a small fusion device. A nuke, if you please!

Speaking of reasons to celebrate this fine autumn day, I also finished my second Tiger...

...and the Stug IIIs that I had ordered from PSC arrived.

However, the assembly instructions that came with it were not very clear as to which bit was which, so I went back to refer to this to identify which guns to use.

I'll be using the 75mm with the square mantlet and the loader's gun shield rather than the remote barbette.



  1. Like the Tigers ... and am very tempted by those PSC T26s.. they can still be fielded mid war, there were apparently a few that had survived and were still pushed into service..LOL


    1. Yes, I thought they came out rather nicely.

      As for the T-26s...go on, I know you want to!

  2. Hi Nick,
    I have a StuG sprue that I was sent with BGK, but no instructions as to how it goes together. I have the picture off the website that you linked to, but was thinking of buying a box so I could get that instruction sheet, (the one sitting on your notebook in picture above)- you couldn't take a picture of the sheet in question and email it to me could you?
    I'll be interested to see what your end product, (completed StuGs) are like.
    Another good looking Tiger BTW :)

    Cheers Mate,

    1. Tablet computer, my dear boy! Tablet!

      No worries, I'll scan it tomorrow @ work.

    2. Yes, Tablet oh great one ;)

      The scan will be much appreciated :)

  3. Great looking game - really impressive and cool Tiger too, nice one ;)

    1. Thanks Monty. Yep, this X Wing lark is very visually appealing. Just got me an A Wing to celebrate Star Wars Day!

  4. Four stars on that Tiger Nick, lovely outcome.

    Stugfest looks good as well, nice buy.

    1. Thanks Paul. Just need me some decals for that fifth star, perchance? I'll need some for the Panthers and these Stugs too...PSC do some Kursk specific ones, but, well, this armour's nominally destined for Italy or Northern France, so...any suggestions?

  5. That Star Wars gaming table looks like real fun! Great work on the tanks!


  6. Thanks Peter. Yep, it's great fun. The mat's from Holtz mats. And thanks for your kind words about the Tiger. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out.