Friday, 30 August 2013

50 Point X Wing

Good evening,

Just finished another great game of X Wing Miniatures Game.

Mark and I decided on a small point value as time was a little short. So, 50 points it was.

I took the Rebels...

...and Mark took the Imperials.

We set up, and away we went.

Mark took a wrong turn early, and sent Mauler Mithel off in the opposite direction!

The Y Wing scores a hit with it's Ion Cannon, limiting the TIE Advanced to a move of one forward for the next turn. It's a pity that it wasn't closer to that asteroid ahead of it...well, from my perspective, anyway!

I also manage to get a quick quad blast at the Academy Pilot with my Red Squadron flyer. Now you see him... you don't!

The Green Squadron Y Wing goes head to head with Mauler Mithel - and flies through with near'y a scratch.

The dogfight continues, including this long range shot from the Y-Wing that manages to score two unanswered hits!

In the next turn the Y Wing gets all but blown apart, including this annoying critical hit.

I maneuver him away so that I can spend an action turning the critical effect card over.

But the writing was on the wall...

However, Mark overshot my X Wing, so...


And then there were two...

Once again, I got a critical hit... I disengaged so that I could attempt to get rid of it.

Thankfully, again from my perspective, Mark missed the opportunity and decided to head me off at the pass rather than chase me down like the dog I was!

He barrel rolled...

...but it wasn't enough!

I eeked out a narrow victory with the help of a Target Lock and the associated re-rolls of the attack dice!

Great game, very close - we were both on two hull points remaining...had he been in the position to shoot first (which he would have, having the higher pilot skill)...



  1. Well played but a little luck at the end helped.

  2. That looked like a great game. I'll have to check out that builder. I bought a few more ships last weekend but we haven't played much around here.

    1. Hi Sean,

      It was a great wee game. I thought that 50 points might be over too quick, but the 2 vs 3 format worked well.

      Here's the link to the squadron builder...



  3. Cool game, can never have too much Star Wars

  4. Very good pictures and an interesting AAR.

    Very Cool!