Saturday, 14 September 2013


...I wouldn't bother.

Went last night, was ok when watching it, but, on the drive home after the movie, the more we discussed it, the more annoyed we (my son and I) became with it. There are some serious plot holes that we found to be very irritating.

Still, the air burst munitions scene against the robot was pretty cool!

On a hobby related issue, this, for my own personal reference...



  1. I think I'll catch up with Elysium on DVD...

    Quite a useful FoW tutorial, the colours are particularly helpful. Those plastic figures they've released look way better than many of their metal figures I reckon.

    1. That'd be the way to go. Seeing it at the cinema costs a bomb!

      Yeah, I quite liked the way they explained how to do splinter camo. The plastic minis do look good.