Sunday, 9 March 2014

Warclouds Over Woolston. Game 1.

Good afternoon,

Seemly ages back (8 February) we had a bit of a HOTT tournie at the Warclouds over Woolston event here in Christchurch.

My first (and all subsequent) game(s) was with my VSF Brits...

  • 1 Magician General (steam powered zappy gun)
  • 5 Shooters (including a Gatling gun)
  • 1 Behemoth (the steam tank)
  • 1 Airboat (Her Majesty's Air Boat Vulture)
  • 1 Flyer (steam powered red coats)

...against Stan's Thomas the Tank Engine and the Army of Sodor.

  • Knight General (Gordon)
  • 2 Heroes (Thomas and Percy)
  • Knight (Edward)
  • 3 Riders (Bertie the Bus, Toby the Tram Engine and Mavis the Dizesiel)
  • 1 Cleric (Annie and Clarabelle, Thomas' carriages)
  • 1 Lurker (Signal "11 Min. Delay Norbiton - badger ate the signal box")
  • 1 Flyer (Harold the Helicopter)
  • 1 God (Sir Topham Hat)

Soon the respective flyers are in action, as Harold is sent around the flank...

...while Thomas scoots forward and hides behind the station's platform (essentially, and artificial wood - bad going).

Harold gets pushed back...

...and then the Airboat joins the fray.

To Harold's demise.

Meanwhile Thomas takes some fire.

Note Annie and Clarabelle adding Clerical support to Thomas against my Magician.

"Huzzah!" cries Stan as Sir Topham Hat arrives on the field...

...while I continue to push forward in the centre.

Next bound, Stan rolls a "1" for his PIP die, and..."Oh rats!" cried Stan!

Still, Stan pushes forward on the flank of my Behemoth with Edward (Knight)...

...while I enter the 'platform' to chase down Thomas, springing the Lurker, so to speak.


On my right, the HMAS Vulture relieves the pressure on the steam tank...

...while in rolls Toby, supported by Mavis, to also tackle my tank.

Even Annie and Clarabelle pile in to help out.

Lots of pushing and shoving ensues.

A tense moment...

...which takes the steam out of Toby and bounces back Mavis....

...into the flank of my flyers...

...and that was the end of that. Win to me, no lost elements no less!

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