Sunday, 14 September 2014

One HOTT Spring Night, 2014, Game 1

Good afternoon,

Friday night saw me popping around to Robin's temporary accommodation while his house gets completely rebuilt courtesy of the earthquake three and a half years ago (that long?), for a long overdue HOTT Spring Night.

Robin brought out his VSF army...
  • Blade General
  • 3 Blades
  • 2 Shooters
  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Aerial Hero
  • 1 Hero 

...against my glorious, as yet un...what's the opposite of defeated. Victorious? Yes, unvictorious Sarmatians.
  • Hero General
  • 6 Knights
  • 2 Lurkers
  • 1 Dragon
The Dragon turned up early, and quickly set his sights on Robin's new fangled Arial Hero bearing contraption. Which flew from one flank...

...over to the other.

Notice that one on the die, resulting in a recoil result? You'll be seeing a lot of those over the course of the evening...

Anyway, Lord Chelting of Cheam and his wondrous flying machine, not keen on the support that the Dragon was getting from one of the Knights flew up and over to just short of the rough going.

Oh, and notice that hole in my line up above? One of those dratted shooters taking their toll on the waiting Knights. So what to do? Charge!

You know how I said you'd see that one again?


Hey! I've just realised, that was my Hero General! I completely forgot to treat him as such - I mistook him for just a grunt! So...factor 5 + 1 for General, -1 for overlapped + 1 = 6 vs. 3 + 5 = 8, that should just have been a recoil! Ah well...

...and even a three didn't help the cause!

Then Lord Chelting of Cheam turned around his wondrous flying machine...


And just to add insult to injury...

...haven't I seen that die somewhere before?

And that was the end of that.

One thing you gotta say about the game, at least it was quick!



  1. Nick
    It was indeed "jolly good japes: .. but "like wow maaaan" such die rolling the like of which we only normally see falling from my very own hand!!
    You must have really upset the dice Gods last week...

    Lord Chelting is pretty cool though... and young Winstanley saw nought of consequence the whole evening.


  2. Nice report, splendid colored minis!

    1. Thanks Phil. I'm very pleased with my Sarmatians, not least because they took about 20 years to finished - conversions every one!