Sunday, 6 March 2016

X Wing Over Wooston, Game 2

Vs. Chris

Good afternoon,

So...after a bit of a is my second game for the day. Chris was rocking a Scum list (the only one of the day if I remember correctly), replete with some Black Sun Soldiers, Guri and a fellow I had not met before...Talobane Cobra.

So...we set up in opposite corners, I promptly flew Keyan Farlander onto a rock (ouch!), all whilst that new Kihraxz fighter skirts around my flank. Hmmm...

I manage to pile Farlander off the 'roid...

...and pile everyone else into the Black Sun Soldiers...what a mess...

...and then Boom! Before Keyan even gets off a shot, Talobane Cobra rips him apart!

Stink, I wasn't expecting that! What a beast!


The rest of the game kinda went downhill from there...




And that was the end of that!

A very quick game, very expertly flown. By Chris, not me!

Cheers for the lesson Chris,


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