Saturday, 13 October 2018

HOTT Winter's Day, Game 4

Good evening,

And onto Game 4. New game, new army (I love that format - five games, I get to play with five different armies), so I pulled out my Hoplite Greeks. Who were up against Gordon's 25mm Samurai. Bows, Blades and Heroes. Urghh.

So...time to hide 'tween the terrain!

Whilst I try to hold my right with a lowly Bow element.

Come on, ya big Hero, come into the rough.

Yeah, nah...don't!

So, the boys try to hold the line in the face of Bow shot.


And low and behold...Ares arrives.



And in the middle...

...the boys really pushed back.

Seeing as how the boys were kinda stuck there in the middle, Ares sallied forth hisself.

All whilst Gordon started applying pressure around the edges.

Ah, rats!

Still, on the other flank...


Against all expectations, Ares stuck around.

Albeit being...well...a little...ineffectual...

And the centre begins to break up.

Aww, I was sure I had a cavalry element in the back there...

Finally, Ares gets some back up...


Huzzah again!

Huzzah again, again!

And so the men from the West triumphed over the men from the East.

Though, if those men from the West had headed out into the open, (not to mention had Ares headed off as is the want of so many HOTT Gods) those men from the East would have had them for lunch!

Thanks for the game Gordon,