Friday, 12 October 2018

HOTT WInter's Day, Game 3

Good evening,

My, it's been a while since these games, eh? A teacher's job is never done.

Anyhow, Game 3. Vs Robin's cool VSF Turks, replete with minaret Behemoth!

I myself took my Sarmatians. It's got a bit of a soft spot in my heart...and a poor battle record! Going up against Shooters and a Behemoth, well...I didn't think much was going to change on that front.

My Dragon arrived early. Horrah!


One Magician done!

Which opened up a bit of a hole in Robin's line...

...and that was the end of his artillery...Hero General, I think...

...and as the round concluded, so did the game.

Thanks for the win Robin!



  1. Hi Nick! It's always great to read one of your reports, particularly the HOTT ones, so full of fantasy! Special mention to the minaret behemoth :)
    And your dragon, a conversion with a GW dinosaur, isn't it ?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks! No, the dragon was a cheap toy store purchase. I just painted it up a bit.



    2. Ok, thanks for the info. Don't know why, but I am particularly happy when I can use toys, with or without conversion, with 1/72 minis, so I like your dragon more :)