Wednesday, 25 July 2018

HOTT Winter's Day, Game 2

Good evening,

On to game 2.

Young Stan brought out his Thomas the Tank Engine army.

  • Knight General (Gordon)
  • A Hero (Thomas)
  • Another Hero (Percy)
  • A Cleric (Annie and Clarabel)
  • Two Knights (Henry and Edward)
  • A Flyer (Harold)
  • A Lurker (11 Min. Delay Norbiton)
  • A God (Sir Topham Hat)

I broke out my Parthian army
  • Hero General
  • 3 Knights
  • 4 Riders
  • 2 Shooters, and...

  • ...a God. A wall of sand, AKA The Mummy...

Speaking of whom...

My God turned up early, and joined the general advance.

Having just reached the edge of the hill, Stan decided to contest it from me with Harold and Thomas.

Sandy McSandface took exception to this intrusion...

...and made itself known. Poor wee Thomas.

So Stan piles in on Sandy.

Alas for Sodor, Annie and Clarabel were not up to the job.

Never send a carrage to do an engine's job.

Now with a gap in the line to the front, McSandface piled in on Gordon...

...ably assisting the charging cataphracts.

However, it wasn't all one way traffic.

Beware oncoming trains...

Edward mustn't have got the memo.

And that was the end of that.

Had not Sandy McSandface turned up when it did, things could have been very different. Especially if Sir Topham Hat had showed.

Thanks for the game Stan,



  1. I love the look of that sand wall - nicely done. I may have to steal that idea at some point!

  2. Thank you for sharing

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