Monday, 16 July 2018

72 Point HOTT Goodness.

Good evening,

First post since Term 2!

Last night I headed around to Robin's new digs for some HOTT action with him and Andy G. 72 Points worth.

I took all of my Skellies...
  • Left Command
    • A Vampire/Wraith Blade General
    • 2 Wraith Blades
    • 3 Skellie Bows
    • 1 Aerial Hero atop a Skellie Dragon
    • 1 Winged Snake Flyer element
    • 1 Numidian Elephant Behemoth
  • Centre Command
    • A Magician General
    • 1 Magician
    • 12 Skellie Hordes
    • 1 Skellie Dinosaur Behemoth
    • Right Command
      • A Skellie Heavy Chariot Knight Hero
      • 2 Skellie Heavy Chariot Knights
      • 2 Skellie Riders
      • 1 Numidian Rider
      • 3 Zombie Dog Beasts
    ...and a couple of Numidian allies, where as Andy took his WW1 Germans, and Robin took a command of WW1 Turkish allies.

    Seeing that Andy had piled the bulk of his forces on his left and centre...

    ...I thought I'd try to get my fast movers over the other other flank...

    ...whilst keeping my centre close to my baseline. Since that's where the Hordes would be reborn, so to speak.

    I advanced my left to cover the advance of Robin's right. And wait for reinforcements.

    Early on, Robin's God arrived. And well overstayed his welcome, if you ask me!

    He began rolling forward his Turks.

    As did Andy, his flank being covered by his own Hordes. And a big, scary A7V Behemoth.

    From his centre, Andy flew across his flyers - including an Aerial Hero General, no less.

    Leaving his centre a little...little.

    I ran forward my Beasts to ZOC his aerials...

    ...while I continue to race my mounted to the left...

    ...who, along with my own Aerial Hero...

    ...sat waiting for Robin's advance.

    Alas, Andy wasn't going to let me. I don't know why, but his flyers flying over my doggies took me completely by surprise!

    I did what I could to protect my Hero General's boney bottom!

    What a time to roll a one!

    And so it was that Andy threw the first punches of the battle.

    What a time to roll another one!

    So I turned around my riders...

    ...and deployed my God!

    He didn't stick around long!

    Stupid bony God!

    Anyhow, I did manage to turn around my Hero and Knight to face Andy's aerial elements.

    And Andy pounced.


    I moved back one of the doggies, and...

    ...huzzah, huzzah!

    Thrice huzzah!


    Andy flew his remaining aerial..away.

    Suddenly, my mounted were pointing at thin air.

    But not for long.

    In the centre, Andy's blade and shooter line reached my Beasties.

    And I thought to do something sneaky in the centre.

    I moved one Horde element over to prevent Andy's Aerial Hero's recoil from the incoming magic attack.

    As it happened... wasn't needed.


    And still the Germans trudged forward.

    So my own right rode forward to meet them.


    On my left, due to a dearth of pips on Robin's flank, the Turks were slow in their I thought to take the initiative... flying my aerials behind Robin's incoming Hero. And his mate.

    On my right, the push and shoves of the Behemoths began...

    ...whilst on the left...hey? Where'd that God come from??

    Oh, that's right, he'd been hiding out in the centre. A HOTT God doesn't hang around that long, what was going on??

    It soon made it's presence felt.


    Twice bother!

    And, so it was, my Aerial Hero turned to face Robin's God.

    Right up until it disappeared!

    So, all that was left was Robin's own Turkish Hero.

    On the other flank, the big boys pushed and shoved...

    ...whilst more doggies died.


    Speaking of bother...


    Still, things were looking ok for me at the other edge of the field.

    (It was at this point where we realised that, since Andy's centre had become demoralised thanks to the loss of his aerials, Andy should have only allowed one element to make a tactical move, spending the rest of his pips to hold any remaining groups or singles.

    So...that line of shooters should actually have been held behind the town! Moral victory to me!!)

    In the meantime...


    The centres finally gets into shooting range.


    ...crunch, crunch, crunch.

    The centre starts to...well...disintegrate... Andy's centre finally disappears!

    As does... poor wee bone monster...


    So I felt it about time to deal to Andy's own Behemoth.

    And deal to it I did!

    My boney Shooters even managed to push back Robin's own BH.

    Right up until the time...

    ...when when they didn't!

    Bother. And that broke my left.


    The push and shove on my right continues, this time shooters on a hill vs my Hero, Knight and Beasts.

    The centre also comes to blows with German Hordes.

    'Dem Germans were proving to be tough.

    On the left, even though they were broken...

    ...they were still chipping away at Robin's right.

    Although, so was Andy on my right.



    ...huzzzah! Always try to leave some room for your BH to recoil!

    One broken blade holds my left...

    ...whilst my mounted finally break Andy's right.


    And not a moment too soon - Andy's Blades were making quick work of my Hordes!

    Whoop, whoop!

    Thanks for the game boys,