Sunday, 29 April 2018

36 Point Too

Good afternoon,

Last post before Term 2 begins.

On Friday young Richard popped over during his lunch for a couple of quick 36 point games. Cool!

I took a pre-fix Wedge with PTL, Vectored Thrusters and a non integrated R2 astromech.

As Richard came straight from work, I pointed up for him two Zeds...
  • Kaat'o Leeachos with...ahh...that elite talent that allows a barrel roll to shake off target locks...and...
  • N'dru Suhlak with Lone Wolf (roll an extra red (and green?) when beyond range two of a mate).
And so we began.

Kaat'o swung wide, allowing N'dru plenty of space to roll his extra die. So I fly Wedge towards him...

...and K Turned through debris.

Really?! I mean I know I've got lots of greens to shred stress, X Wing going into combat without mods?

Case in point...

...range one, and I roll a paltry two hits (for one of which Richard rolled an evade) with two foci!

In return Kaat'o inflicts three undefended hits. Wedge bugs out.

Picking up many a target lock on his way around.

I barrel roll to get out of range, but...


Stupid green dice!

With a little time still before Richard had to head back to work, we dial again.

Again, Richard wanted to make the most of Lone Wolf, which kinda played into my hand.

Seeing as I was zipping up the field pretty fast, Richard chances a 3K, hoping for me to fly past.

I didn't.

But it did set me up for a 4K the next round, which even ended up out of  N'dru's arc. Just.

I got one crit through...

...which just happened to be double damage!


Which just left Kaat' range one...with a target lock and a focus...which, upon further reflection he should have stolen...

...not that it would have done him any good!

Honour was served, and a good time was had by all.

Thanks Richard,



  1. Cheers Nick, good games. I'll try to pursuit more attention to the abilities next time, not that it would have done much against that natural 4 hits! :€)

    1. Yark! Mind you, abilities and upgrades are really easy to forget - many a game have I played where had I remembered to us [x] the result could have well been [y] rather than [kablooie]!