Tuesday, 24 April 2018

36 Point 1

Good afternoon,

Last Saturday, Andrew F came around for some 36 point fun.

I forgot to tell him no big ships, so...he rocked up with a no frills Sabine. 

Me, I was wanting to try out my latest purchase, a Kimogila heavy fighter, replete with...stink, I can't remember! Something like...
  • Dalan Oberos, with VI, Glitterstim, Unhinged Astromech, Enforcer Title and Engine Upgrade
I think. But that's only 34 points...hmmm, might be missing something.

Oh, and I also wanted to try out my new [custom] dice tray, courtesy of Battle Kiwi. Ticked pink with it, I am!

We set up (only four obstacles), and away we went.

First merge, and I got him in my bullseye arc. Free target lock..

...and a little stress afterwards!

Next turn, and Andrew turns in a bit wider than I was expecting!

And, seeing as the Lancer can seemingly turn on a dime, I was out of there!

A bit of repositioning later...

...and I'm pretty sure I'm on a hiding to nothing! What with Andrew's mobile firing arc and all.

Still, one has to give it a go, hasn't one?

At least I'm able to get a shot in...though this hulking beast has two green dice to my one!

Doesn't help when Andrew flies it like he knows what he's doing!

Ah, finally a shot!

Oh poos!

Ah well, on to the second game...

Well flown Andrew, well flown.



  1. Good report Nick, I've not got the Lancer, and not given the KimoWatsit a go yet, so interesting to see how they went.

    Gotta love a bit of 36points. :€)
    Look forward to the next one.

    1. Thanks Benny,

      Yep, 36 points is a lot of fun. A bit less so when facing a big ship with a Turret!