Thursday, 26 April 2018

36 Point 2

Good evening,

For our second game Andrew tood a fully loaded out Zuccus, while I kept with Donathingie.

We approached cautiously. Well, I deployed cautiously anyway, seeing as I had the higher pilot skill.

We turned in, and exchanged long range shots.

Closer, pop glitters...

...and we both exit the merge points of damage.

I also got a bit confussled, and thought, that since the pack came with the Jam action tokens and reference card, the ship must also come with the Jam action. So I took it, and stripped his target lock.

And again.

(Oops! He he he he!)

Here we go again!

And this is where the K fighter has the edge over the G-1. I got me a 3K, Andrew's only got a 4.

Mind you, if I remember rightly, I rolled all focuses and blanks, so...a fat lot of good that did me!


...and repeat.

Andrew flies through the debris...

...turns around...

...while I hang back, from the cloud and shoot first.


One all. It all came down to the last game. (Well, sorta. I cheated with the unauthorised Jam, he with his big base bully!)


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