Friday, 27 April 2018

Alexander's HOTT

Good evening,

A couple of nights ago, I headed around to Andy G's place for a long awaited HOTT battle. Both of us wanted to try our new armies. He, his uber cool WW1 HOTT Germans...

  • Aerial Hero General (Albatross)
  • Behemoth (A7V tank)
  • Three Blades (Gas masks, Gewehr 98, fixed bayonet)
  • Two Shooters (Gas masks, Gewehr 98)
  • Four Hordes (PBI ghosts), my HOTT Alexandrians.
  • Hero General
  • Rider (Thessalian cavalry)
  • Rider (Light Horse)
  • Six Spear (Phalangites)
  • One artillery
  • One Horde (Galatians)

I was defending, so...I needed something to represent my Stronghold!

First pip,'s a one! So, I send some riders to my right flank.

Andy moves everyone forward. Those white bits are...well, let's say a snow covered gentle hill in the middle, a snow covered wood to the right, and two pieces of snow covered swamp on the left.

(He usually plays at other people's houses, so doesn't have any terrain himself.)

That behemoth looked just a touch too big to my hero, so...

...he backed off! I was hoping to draw it forward so as to out manoeuvre it.

My pike, sorry, spear blocks moved forward, slowly expanding their line as they went.

To my right, my rider support has met up with Alexander, and together they prepare to bounce the A7V.

All while my skicky stick men roll forward...hoping that the Blades on the hill will come down to play.

Which they did.

So too did the A7V continue it's advance. Right into the sights of my Artillery, I might add.

So once again I back off! (Having realized that Riders engaging Behemoths isn't actually a good idea!)

The Artillery deals to the beastie instead!


Now down to it. Overlapped Blade against (mostly) single ranked Spear.

All while the artillery turns to face the Horde. Sort of.

After a bit of argy bargy... Blade hikes it back up the hill.

Alas and alak...

...Andy's General flies right over everyone to threaten my rear.

I try to pin it down (though can't engage with my ground based element against his Aerial)...while Alexander tries to catch up.

So Andy just flies on over, out of my Rider's Zone of Control, and hits the exposed flank of my Phalangites. Drats!

"Wait for me!"

Huzzah! I thought that end element was dead to rights!


...Huzzah! One Blade down!

I again ZOC the Zebra'd Robot (yes, the pilot is a clockwork powered remote controlled automaton!)... he flies into my Thessalians.

6 to 3.


While, on the other flank...

The centre was getting busy too.

First combat...


And against the Hordes...

...I roll a one!

Fortunately, so did Andy!

In we go again.

I move some Spear around to overlap Andy's end blade.

Ever so clever, I thought!


...the Artillery flees the A7V. Again!


Alas and alak... clever ploy didn't leave me enough room to recoil, should I need to. And need to I did!


And to add insult to injury...

"Hey, where'd he go?!"

Oh, come on!

Come on indeed!


Well, at least I can flank that end blade, right?

Umm, nope!

Silly dice games!

Again the Clockwork Barron swings in.

As do the German infantry. Well, the ones that are still in the land of the living, that is.

Whew, only recoil results. All round.

In for a penny...

(Alexander once again reverses direction to try to catch Andy's Aerial Hero!)


Oh, come on, not again!

Poor Spear, trapped with nowhere to go...

...and nowhere he went. Literally. Nowhere to be seen.

But finally, Alexander was able to catch up!

And surely this time against the flanked German Blades. Surely.

Nope. A stand result. And don't call me Shirley!

Now for the big one. Either way, someone dies.

Unless it's a stand result?!

Let's just double check that...

Nope! If it's a tie, and the combat results are an odd number, both heroes die!


Now that was a cool game! Just goes to show, Alexander needs some Aerial elements of his own. Pegasus' anyone? (And before anyone asks - to quote Wikipedia: "In Latin 'Pegasus' (And in Greek 'Pegasos') is a proper noun, the name of an unique individual. It is not a word for 'winged horse'. There is and can be no plural of 'Pegasus' any more than there is a plural of 'Oprah Winfrey'." Hmmm, so...multiple winged horses named Pegasus? I guess, why not. You can have multiple Alans, after all. Or Steves...)

Or a God element in the form of a male goat from the west not touching the ground, with a conspicuous horn between his eyes...Daniel 8:5...

Thanks Andy,