Monday, 23 April 2018

Cargo Sleds

Good afternoon,

Keeping with the 3D printing theme, here are some more that I prepared earlier.

The current Star Wars Edge of the Empire adventure that I'm running with my lad is FFG's published supplement Beyond the Rim, a scene in which entails a possible cargo sled chase through the docking bays - shhh, don't tell Matt!

Anyway, I found this on Thingiverse, and...voila!

The unfinished droids are also 3D printed, though I have subsequently resized the R4 droid, and put it on a base - as it is at the moment it's just a touch too big. Hopefully, when I get the print back, along with an R5, it will be more compatible, size wize, with my two Wizards of the Coast astromechs.

Oh, and these sleds don't make half bad X Wing damage deck trays!


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