Monday, 23 July 2018

HOTT Winter's Day, Game 1

Good evening,

Last Sunday, young Robin organised a wee eight player, 5 game, 25mm HOTT tounie down at the Christchurch Wargame Club, using 2.1 (Shooters move @ 200 paces, Warband @300), and DBA 3 rulers - 100 paces = 1 base width. In this case, 60mm increments. We were also allowed to swap out armies between games. So I took my 20mm...
And a good time was had by all!

First up, I faced Andy G's, 20mm Egyptians.
  • Blades, 
  • Shooters, 
  • [25mm metal] Hero,
  • Behemoth, 
  • and a [3D printed] Flyer

I took my 20mm Skellies.
  • Knight General
  • Two Knights
  • One Beasts
  • One Flyer
  • One Behemoth
  • Three Blades
  • Two Shooters
I was the defender, set the terrain, we set up our toys, and away we went.

Seeing as I had forest on my left, I deployed my rough going troops, well, in the rough, my heavy infantry atop the hill, with the mobile troops in the centre. Where they couldn't really take advantage of their mobility!

Andy's army  advanced...

...replete with Dwayne the Rock Johnson!


Uh oh...

Oh stink!

So I roll off the hill...mostly to keep Andy distracted from my centre!

Whilst I start to apply my own pressure on his right. Note the winged lizards behind Andy's blade line.

Alas and alak... Flyer ain't coming back!

Man, flee results with base width rulers really are flee results!

In the meantime, Andy's flyer, well, flies over into the flank and rear of my poor wee blades.

Thank goodness I was uphill!

On the other flank...

...Andy's own blades also proved their mettle.

Back to the hill...


And yet...


Always leave room for a friendly element to recoil if they have to.


And so, the push and shove in the centre continues.


Huzzah again!

Thrice Huzzah!


And yet...Boom!

Now that's what I call a push back!

And still the battle on the hill continues.

That hill is proving it's worth in gold. Or felt.

Back in the centre...



And that was my 12th Army Point lost.

Still, Andy was down 10 points, should I win this combat...

...yeah, nah!

Great game Andy. Very close. Very cool!