Monday, 26 September 2011

For Paul...

...and you other trackheds out there!

Italian bound Kiwi Armourfast Shermans, painted and gifted to me by Andy Gorman.

And a shot with the boys! A platoon of the second Crossfire Company with HMG support and an F/O.

Arghhh! A giant mutant rat!

Benny looks a touch guilty as he investigates his surrounds!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crossfire Kiwis Complete

Good evening,

Here they all are. Two full infantry companies with mortar (including FOs) and HMG support (and a squad of SMG infantry for each), as well as six Shermans (two 75's, a 76, a 105 and two Fireflies - painted as Kiwi tanks for the Italian campaign by Andy Gorman), two Company Commanders, six Platoon Commanders and eight suppression markers. That'll do for the time being.

Just gotta get me back that Jug (Thunderbolt) from Andy.

In the meantime I have begun re-basing Jack's Naps - this time on 60mm by 30mm bases, not the 60 by 20s that I thought they should be on.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

2nd Crossfire Kiwi Company...

...almost complete. Just need to add the mortars and FOs.

Here, in their underbright near completeness, is the culmination of 6 weeks work. In between work 'n stuff...

Sorry for the lack of illumination, I took these outside while the PVA was drying this afternoon and it got a bit overcast. Pity, 'twas lovely earlier!

Happy Father's day and one year anniversary since the first 7.1 earthquake here in Canterbury (which didn't cause any fatalities), and it's subsequent aftershocks (which, unfortunately, did). What a year, eh?