Sunday, 26 July 2015

Another Road to the Regionals, Game 1, Vs. Chris

Good afternoon,

Yesterday was the last Road to the Regionals event, hosted by Chris at The Wizard's Retreat, before, well, the Regionals next weekend. Who happened to be my first opponent. (Thoughtful chap was stepping in to make sure no one - me, I guess - would have had a by. Bye? (Chis would have been quite happy with a buy!)

Anyway, I rocked along with a Barron and a Bounty Hunter list, since I hadn't played with my Firespray for a while, and I'd just got the Auto Thrusters card with my Star Viper...which had just been purchased from Chris, as it happened. With a gift certificate from the last event. Which was sponsored by...Chris!

And so Chris brought out his Bro Bots.

And away we went.

I'm pretty sure that by this point I had whittled down IG88-B to one hull.

Segnor loops, a thing of beauty!

Much to Turr's shagrin.



...I have you now!

Conga line, anyone?

It was at about this point that Kath was down to one hull.

And soon none!


Soontir tries to barrel roll behind an no effect. He was still in arc of 'B.



And that was the end of that!

Man those IGs are hard to hit - it's like Chris said, they're Tie Interceptors with more health...and more toys!

Thanks for the great game Chris.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Rescue of Orar Ergalo, Chapters 4 and 5. Kinda.

Good evening,

Just of the blower/Skype with John and have written up Chapter 4 of The Rescue of Orar Ergalo, and maked up some quick notes from Chapter 5.

All jolly good fun!

Thanks John, and we'll catch you next week for...a new adventure!


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sarabara Finished

Good afternoon,

Well, as well as playing a few games over this two week break...
  • 7 X Wing
  • 4 Edge of the Empire RPG sessions
  • 3 DBA
...I have also managed to apply some paint to some figures. Specifically, my final Early Achaemenid Persian Sarabara [12 Bw, if you will!] and, well Horde infantry elements.

First without flash...

...and, since it's a pretty dull day here in Christchurch (NZ), with flash.

And, all together now...

...Sarabara rule! That's 4 x 12 = 48 figures over four bases! (Because of...reasons...)

Plus three 7Hd elements to represent the rank and file of the empire. The plebs, if you will. Not that they were called plebs by the Persians, mind you. Would have been by the Romans. Had the Romans met them. Which they didn't. Too busy beating up the Etruscans around about them, I expect.


...and all together now...


I still have one more irregular Auxilia element to finish (3Ax), then I can start on the mounted.

I'd like to think these dudes'd be finished by Christmas!


Friday, 17 July 2015

Practicing for Cav Con

Good afternoon,

You know how I said that I didn't have a report of the last game I had with Tim? Well...I do...and I don't. These photos are from some practice games I had with him at his place the day before. Check out his new mat. It's lovely!

I trotted along to Tim's with a list I had seen here (great, great minis there, by the way) to try out my new E Wing and a couple of Bs. Everyone seems to love Bs, so I thought to try some myself.

First game - on Tim's new mat, with is cool as asteroids - and I try to use the Blue Squadron B as bait to get Tim's Bro-Bots into the asteroids.

Boom! Tim kept pounding on it 'till it broke!

An S Loop later and...

...pop goes Corren.

I concede, and Tim suggests swapping out Bluey for Airen Cracken, as he can hand out a free action to Ten.

So we go again.

Cracken doesn't last long!

And even with Corren double tapping...

...he too dies in quick order.

Again I concede, and after a quick double check home about that evenings dinner arrangements, we try for one more game.

Unfortunately, I hang Ten out to dry pretty early on... pretty predictable results.

Then it was a simple matter for Tim... first...

...take down Cracken...

...and finally chase down Corren. Who surprised me in how long he lasted.

And that's pretty much how my last game at Cav Con went! In both cases one of the Bros was pretty hurt, but Tim kept maneuvering him/it out of harms way.

Well played Tim, well played!

Thanks for the practice and advice,