Friday, 28 December 2012

Clearing the Decks...and the Revenge of the Cat!

Good morning,

Over the course of the last couple of days I have finally managed to clear my immediate to-do pile of stuff. Four elements of [DBA army Book I, List 52] Hoplite Greeks, two elements of [DBA army Book II, List 56] Sarmatians, one Esci Anzac [Crossfire] Platoon Commander and one Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV-H.

And a repair on my new Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game X-Wing, that I left out set up for a game today, but discovered that one of the cats had sat on it overnight!

First up, the Greeks. All stock standard Zvezda figs, except that I cut off the Spartan Lambda blazon on those two blank shields so I could use the figures as generic hoplites.

Next, we have the heavily converted Esci/Revel/Italeri/Airfix/Evolution Sarmatians.

I quite like the way the tissue cloaks have turned out.

And so onto the lone Esci ANZAC (let's face it, he's Australian!) Platoon Commander for my expanded Crossfire Kiwi Companies.

He turned out a little better than the photos might suggest.

And so onto this PSC Pz IV-H.

Funny story...

I pre-ordered the PSC Universal Carriers which took a little longer to come out than had been anticipated. So, as a recompense for the delay, PSC offered a free sprue to those who pre ordered. I asked for another PZ IV, then, after the email had gone, I realised that opps, that's two sprues, not one. Still, I heard nothing back, so waited to see what would turn up with the Carriers.

Turned out, nothing arrived with the carriers, so I sent off another email, and a very nice lady replied promptly, and apologetically saying yes, my original email had been received, and they would send one off forth with. Cool, thought I.

When that one arrived, yep, it was one sprue of a Pz IV. The bottom of the hull and schertzen. Ok, fair enough, thought I. One sprue offered, one received. So I emailed back thanking them for the gift, and requesting the price to purchase the other sprue. Again, this lovely lady was most apologetic and insisted in sending off the other one free of charge. As she pointed out, the one sprue wasn't much good without the other.

So...excellent! One free Pz IV courtesy of the Plastic Soldier Company. Thanks guys, exemplary customer service all the way to the other side of the planet!

I tried a different way of painting it compared to the others. I was after a softer, more sprayed on look, so...

Here's how it compares to the others.

The thinned down wash has left it noticeably brighter than the other three. That, and the second brightened up highlight along the edges.

I also like the softer edges to the stripes compared to the quite linear definition of the others.

All in all, I think it's been a bit of a subtle success.

Now onto some more Greeks and Sarmatians. I have no real illusions that I'll get the armies finished before heading back to school, but some painted is better than none painted, right?!


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Is Cool!

You know, apart from the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, without whom we are all lost...

Good morning,

Yesterday I played the first couple of games of my Christmas present, Star Wars X Wing Miniatures game...

I just have the boxed starter set (as above), and have on order, thanks to the very kind generosity of the parents of my class, another boxed starter set (a cheaper way of getting more minis!), and...the Millennium Falcon!

The first couple of games were a bit quick, but that last one I played with Matthew was very cool - lots of dog fighting, twisting and turning and such. I was lucky he split his TIEs so I could take them on one at a time with my X Wing. Even so, it was a pretty close run thing!

Merry Christmas,


Friday, 14 December 2012

HOTT Carnage 2012, Game 5

And so it came, the last game of the day. I was hoping to salvage some pride...

Keven brought out his 15mm Pulp Colonial army.

  • 1 Shooter General
  • 3 Shooters
  • 2 Warband
  • 1 Artillery
  • 1 Steamy Behemothy thing
  • And 1 Aerial Hero

So I figured I'd bring out my Skellies to meet him.

  • 1 Magician General
  • 2 Blades
  • 1 Flyer
  • 10 Hordes
  • And 1 Dragon

It looked like it could be an interesting match.

Right from the get go, Kevin unleashed his Aerial Hero.

Thankfully, my Dragon appeared at about the same time.

Unfortunately, it didn't stick around for long.


To add insult to injury, the Aerial Hero flies into the rear of my Magician General.


Oh come on!

Drats drats drats!

And that was the game.

Well, you gotta hand it to him, that's the way to do it!

Nicely played Kevin,


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

HOTT Carnage, Game 4

And so, onto Game 4.

Gordon brought out his Vietnam Air Cav army.

  • 1 Magician General - an artillery spotter
  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Dragon - an AC130
  • 4 Flyers
  • 2 Shooters

So, thought I, what better army to face up against the big green menace from Venice (Beach, that is) than...little green goblins from Raetia.

  • 1 Blade General
  • 1 God - a BIG bad storm giant
  • 1 Behemoth - a big bad troll
  • 1 Blade
  • 10 Hordes
  • 2 Lurkers

And so it began.

With the bulk of Gordon's infantry deployed on his left.

So, I decide to redeploy my left to support my right. Just as his Dragon turned up. Yikes!

And so the big nasty Herc menaces my right. Heck, lets face it, it menaces my entire army!

So, with no answer to my right, I figured I might as well try my luck in the centre. After all, that artillery spotter looked pretty isolated.

In response, Gordon sends out the flight of the valkyries...

...right into my left flank.

With fairly predictable results.

And to top it all off, Gordon moves back his spotter! (Thankfully, airborne armies are notoriously difficult to maneuver (ironically) since it costs 2 pips to move any group that contains an airborne element).

Huzzah! My storm giant arrives, so I set 'im up to take down some Hueys.

Unfortunately, at the same time Gordon sends his Dragon into the flank of my Troll.


So I send in Stormie to take on Spooky.

A stand result, so Gordon flies a couple of Hueys in support.

But, at even odds, the green skins hold, while Stompy takes out Spooky...

...and the greenies take out a bunch of fly boys.

Two, in fact.

But just when things were looking up...

Arghhh! Oh stink!

Well, at least I've still got a couple of Blades and an unlimited supply of Hordes. So I figure my best bet is to take on those shooters coming my way...

...while Gordon continues to pull back in the centre.

Unfortunately, he brings in his Hero to replace his Magician.

However, on the flank, I finally catch up with Gordon's retreating infantry. I start to make a bit of head way...

...with back up approaching in support.

Unfortunately, a flank open to a flyer...

...often ends in tears!

That was my General!

And so, another game gone down the gurgler. Still, it was a pretty cool game.

Well done Gordon,