Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another What If...

...interesting stuff...'t be interesting to game...


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sarmatians, Game 1

Turned out it was a win and a loss, all at the same time!

Good evening,

Last night Andy and I popped round to Robin's for a game of DBA to celebrate the finish of my two latest armies, the Sarmatians and the Hoplites.

So, I pulled out my Early Imperial Romans, handed them to Andy, who turned out to be the defender and set out the terrain, and away we went.

A steep hill on my half, and two pieces of wood in the middle of the other half of the field. Most inconvenient!

So, while Andy essentially secured his two flanks, with the Auxlia taking up the centre...

...I set my boys into three formations - one to the right, one to the left, and one in the centre ready to swing to either side as the need dictated.

Fairly soon, I split off the centre group to counter the Auxilia threatening my main thrust to the right, and I sent the left, well, out to the left.

Andy continued his advance in the centre...

...but stayed pretty static on the wings.

Whereas I tried to advance on the wings...

...while Andy took pot shots with his artillery.

As I was about to get around his line, Andy, with some very able advice from Robin, swung back his right, even going so far as to take out one of my Knights.

How rude!

In the meantime, I tried to force his left (my right) flank while threatening any untoward sideways movement of Andy's Auxilia in the centre.

At last, contact!

Oh, come on! I knew I should have gone in with another Knight on my right!

And, Knights being Knights, my General follows up.

To be taken on my Andy's General, and enveloped by the aforementioned Praetorian Legionaries.

So it came down to this. Roll high, I'll be able to fight my way out of this...roll high...roll high...


Still, we were at even odds. If Andy rolled a one...

And that was the end of that!

Still, at least my Romans won!

Thanks for the game Andy, and for the hospitality Robin, it a very enjoyable evening.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Two Armies Down...

...many more to go!

Good evening,

Here are the final touches completed on not one, but two DBA armies - I/52(f) Athenian 540-450 BC Early Hoplite Greek, and II/26 Later Rhoxolani Sarmatian, 310 BC-375 AD.

First the Sarmatians.

My two Sarmatian Psioloi...

...which gives me...

  • 1x3Kn (Gen),
  • 8x3Kn,
  • 1xLH or 1x3Kn,
  • 2x2Ps

Cool! After 13 odd years, these dudes are finally done. Well, 'cept for that elusive 1 Knight element that I'd like to add at some point with figures yet to be acquired.

Onto the second army finished today.

I bet I won't be saying that too often!

The Athenian Early Hoplite Greeks. Primarily Athenian, 'cause one box of Zvezda Early Hoplite Greeks will only give you enough Hoplites for 8 elements.

The light foot are now finished... give me...

  • 1x4Sp (Gen),
  • 1x2LH,
  • 7x4Sp,
  • 1x[4]Ax,
  • 1x2Ps or 4Bw,
  • 1x2Ps


Now to start on some Early Archamenid Persians...



Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sarmatian Cav Finished...

...for now at least.

Good evening,

Just before I trot off to bed in preparation for starting Term 1 in the morning, here, at last, are my Sarmatian cav finally finished.


I decided to keep the horn blower with his contos.

And here we have the Light Horse element of the army...HaT Parthian mounted archers atop Italeri Mongol horses. I think they came out quite nicely.

Speaking of Light Horse, here's one I prepared earlier...

...for my Greek Hoplite army.

Just some Greek Psiloi and Auxilia...and Cav? go.

But for now, school awaits...