Monday, 28 March 2016

It's All A Bit Silly, Really

Good afternoon,

Recently I headed off to camp with my class. I got back and discovered that I was entitled to a Camp Bonus of $NZ 19.95 per day so...yay! Just under $60 was coming my way. Sweet.

Having played a Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG session the Friday night beforehand wherein two of my players were role playing Bothans for which I didn't have the miniatures...I got a little carried away...

$NZ 80 later (opps! I miscalculated the exchange rate between En Zed and the States!), I got a bunch of Bothans, Humans (including Denagar...only to realise that I'd already had one. Opps!), Rodians, Trandoshans (including Bosk - @ $NZ 18! Opps!), a double-up Twi'lek (opps!), a double-up IG-88 (opps!)...and Orar Ergalo!

So now I've got miniatures for folks who want to play Bothans...


(...though I can't really see anyone wanting to play a Gonk Droid! I really need some 3PO units...)


...Jeoff the Jawa...




...and Wookies.

I'm just missing a Gand or two to complete the PC races in the Edge of the Empire core rulebook.

As stated above, I also added to my Bounty Hunters... small pile of [nominal] "security officers"...

...and one or two to my Fringe Dwellers.

These Tatooine Dwellers had been collected some years before.

Oh, and not to be out done, I also have a small number of Imperials that my PCs may encounter from time to time.

I also have a comparable number of Rebel soldiers. You know how it is. You think, hey, these Wizards of the Coast figs are relatively cheap second hand, I've always wanted to wargame Star Wars...I even made some rules for them. Played a few games, but, well...

Still, now I've got a heap of toys to RPG with!


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Another One Down, a Bazillian to Go...

Good Afternoon,

Well, I've finally finished my second "element" (actually, a Kings of War Regiment) of 28mm Skellies.

Complete with a decapitated Dwarf!

These, combined with my previous Regiment, now make...a Horde!

They also come with a realisation. This 2000 point army is going to take years to finish!

So, rather than starting on my second two Regiments/Horde of skeletons, I'll start working on completing enough for a workable 500 point army first. So next off the block, for this army...

  • 1 Regiment of Revenant Cavalry 
  • 1 Troop of Mummies sundry imaginary magic thingamebobs 'n doodads.

Though I have some Marians and Parthians to finish first.


Sunday, 6 March 2016

X Wing Over Wooston, Game 2

Vs. Chris

Good afternoon,

So...after a bit of a is my second game for the day. Chris was rocking a Scum list (the only one of the day if I remember correctly), replete with some Black Sun Soldiers, Guri and a fellow I had not met before...Talobane Cobra.

So...we set up in opposite corners, I promptly flew Keyan Farlander onto a rock (ouch!), all whilst that new Kihraxz fighter skirts around my flank. Hmmm...

I manage to pile Farlander off the 'roid...

...and pile everyone else into the Black Sun Soldiers...what a mess...

...and then Boom! Before Keyan even gets off a shot, Talobane Cobra rips him apart!

Stink, I wasn't expecting that! What a beast!


The rest of the game kinda went downhill from there...




And that was the end of that!

A very quick game, very expertly flown. By Chris, not me!

Cheers for the lesson Chris,