Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Mystery of the Battle Of Jutland Explained

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I'm sick. Off work, and feeling so unwell as to not even contemplate picking up a brush! Things must be bad! (It's just a bad cold with associated headaches, but still...)

Anyway, the Battle of Jutland has always interested me. Primarily because HMS New Zealand was smack bang in the middle of it, and the only one of Beatie's battle cruiser formation that actually survived.

Here's why the others didn't...

Was the New Zealand lucky, or the crew just more thorough concerning safety procedures? After all, if I remember correctly, the aft turret was hit and put out of action.

Anyway, a very interesting watch.



Hmmm, perhaps just very, very, very lucky...
New Zealand fired 420 twelve-inch shells during the battle, more than any other ship on either side.
They must have stacked bags of cordite upon bags of cordite upon bags of cordite right in the turrets themselves!

And also useless shots - only 4 recorded hits!