Sunday 2 May 2021

And Don't Bring Hordes to a Knight Fight!

 Ahiahi marie ano, Good afternoon again,

Game two. Goblins vs. Orcses. Hordes vs. Warband.

For the second game we both brought out our Greenskins. My Raetian Goblins against his Orcs.

Raetian Goblins

  • Rider General
  • 1 Rider
  • 2 Beasts
  • 1 Flyer (Bats)
  • 6 Horde
  • 2 Bow
  • 1 Behemoth (Storm Giant)

  • 1 Knight General (Chariot)
  • 1 Knight (Chariot)
  • 2 Behemoths (Trolls)
  • 1 Hero
  • 4 Warband

I was defender again, so I set up with marsh protecting my flanks and the Horde in the centre. Close to my camp. For easy redeployment.

And, again, I waited for Robin to advance to me.

And advance he did.

After an early success (lowly Horde pushing back his Knight General!)...

...I soon learnt that you don't bring Hordes to a Knight fight!

Nothing much for it, time to throw in the flanks.

...which didn't do much.

In fact...

...quite a bit less than much!

Even my mighty bats...

...well, you get the picture!

Indeed, quite a picture! Actually, I don't think I killed a single element! 

And a good time was had by all!

Thanks Robin, it was great to catch up.


Don't Mess with Knights on a Hill...

Ahiahi marie, Good afternoon,

And welcome to the first match of last night's event...

Last night I popped round to Robins for a couple of 20mm HOTT games. I firstly rocked out my Sarmatians...
  • 1 Knight General
  • 9 Knights
  • 1 Dragon

...where as Robin broke out his Chaos army...
  • 1 Hero General
  • 3 Knights
  • 3 Blades
  • 2 Flyers
  • 1 Dragon

As I was the defender, I set out a long ridge, sat upon it, and let Robin come to me.

Which he did with his flyers. Nasty, sneaky, tricksy flyers...

I dispatched a couple of Éored to face them off...

...which they completely ignored, flew off, away, and over.

All while Robin's Dragon appeared. Gulp.

Seeing as everyone was now in charge distance, the Sarmatians, well, charged.

With some considerable success.

While I kept the flyers pinned down. if not in combat.

More crunchy crunchy on my right...

 ...and Kablooee!

No Dragons were harmed in the making of this battle report.

Thanks Robin, that was fun!


Saturday 11 July 2020

Kings of War 3, 1500 points, Skellies and Greenskins Vs. Humans

Po marie,

Well, it's been a very busy Term 1-and-2 (there was quite a bit of overlap in there - some would say 'twas a 22 odd week term, what with distance learning and all that...), and a delightfully busy first week of the holidays.

I got some paint on some more Skellies for Friday night's Kings of War game with Mark, a tattoo...

...and I also caught up with Andy for a second KOW game at my place with the same 1500 point army. Two games in 24 hours!

I took a 1500 point Undead army...
  • One Horde of Skeletons
    • With Undead Rats
  • One Horde of Skeleton Spearmen
    • With Undead Rats
  • One Regiment of Mummies
  • One Regiment of Revenant Cavalry
    • With Pipes of Terror - which I forgot to use...
  • One Regiment of Skeleton Cavalry Archers
    • With a Bow of...I want to say Kaba
  • One Troop of Wraiths
    • With a Brew of Haste
  • One Horde of Orc Ax Boys
    • With a something-or-other that gave them a one wild charge - that I forgot to use...
  • One Orc Krudger on a Boar Chariot
Andy took a Kingdom of Men army...

One Regiment of Men-At-Arms... Regiment of Bowmen... Horde of Pikemen...

...another Regiment of Bowmen...

...and another of Men-At-Arms... Regiment of of Knights...

...with an additional Regiment of Knights, supported by two Wizards, a mounted Hero and mounted Captain. All lined up in a row.

First move, and Andy sent one of the Knight Regiments onto one of the hills on the flank.

My move was to charge them with my own Knights...

...Huzzah! Not that Skellies would say Huzzah. Not sure they'd say anything at all...

Alas and alak, Andy then drove Knights #2 into the flank of my #1 Knights...

They would have held too, thanks to my Necromancer's Inspirational reroll of the Nerve Test...

...except for that dratted Hero and his separate attack!


On the other flank...

...I drove the Orcs into...and behind...Andy's left most Men-At-Arms.

All as the centres closed.

With my own right flank now suddenly open, onward rushed Andy's remaining Knights...

...and there was nought my mounted archers could do about it!


(Well, ok, the bow-bones did score some hits, but still...)

Frantically, my Skellies turned on their boney heels to face the new threat, while the centres...

...and the now-flanks collided.

And collide the did.


And on the other flank...


Andy's bowmen saw an opportunity, and they seized it.

To inflict a grand old total of one wound.

Still, in the centre...

...the carnage was way too much to bear!

(Actually, I forgot to take a photo! Rest assured, gentle reader, my Spear Horde faced a sudden but inevitable demise!)

And on my right...


Still, back on my left...


And still the Archers hold up my Mummies!

Next turn, and, although my mounted couldn't quite catch up to the Andy's Knights... Skellies could! Suddenly, the centre looked a bit empty.

But not for long.

Heroically, Andy's Hero, being a hero and all, charges into the back of the Orcs...

...while the tussle to the west continues.

Having inflicted five wounds...

...the Hero disappeared in a red mist.

All while the Hordes in the centre are joined by the mounted archers.

The Krudger continues to roll up the rear...

...and finally, the Bowmen break!

Now it was time for the Orcs to do devilishy Orcy stuff. 75 attacks from the rear!

Now that's a lot of wounds on Andy's Pikemen. Suffice it to say...

...they were crushed to a pulp!

Finally, the Mummies were released upon Andy's one annoying Fireball-throwing mage!

All for exactly no wounds! All I needed was to roll twos on my hit dice!

And so it ended.

We're planning for a follow up next Tuesday evening. A defence of the ramparts type scenario. Should be interesting!

Thanks for the game Andy, it was lots of fun!