Sunday, 2 May 2021

Don't Mess with Knights on a Hill...

Ahiahi marie, Good afternoon,

And welcome to the first match of last night's event...

Last night I popped round to Robins for a couple of 20mm HOTT games. I firstly rocked out my Sarmatians...
  • 1 Knight General
  • 9 Knights
  • 1 Dragon

...where as Robin broke out his Chaos army...
  • 1 Hero General
  • 3 Knights
  • 3 Blades
  • 2 Flyers
  • 1 Dragon

As I was the defender, I set out a long ridge, sat upon it, and let Robin come to me.

Which he did with his flyers. Nasty, sneaky, tricksy flyers...

I dispatched a couple of Éored to face them off...

...which they completely ignored, flew off, away, and over.

All while Robin's Dragon appeared. Gulp.

Seeing as everyone was now in charge distance, the Sarmatians, well, charged.

With some considerable success.

While I kept the flyers pinned down. if not in combat.

More crunchy crunchy on my right...

 ...and Kablooee!

No Dragons were harmed in the making of this battle report.

Thanks Robin, that was fun!


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