Wednesday, 17 September 2014

One HOTT Spring Night, 2014, Game 2

Good evening,

Well, after that last debacle, I thought to give my Skellies a crack, this time upgrading my Dragon to an Aerial Hero. (If you look carefully you'll see a little skellie riding it!)

  • Magician General
  • 1 Aerial Hero
  • 1 Flyer
  • 1 Knight
  • 1 Blade
  • 1 Shooter
  • 4 Hordes
  • 1 Beast 

...against Robin's Lost World army...
  • 1 Warband General
  • 3 Warband
  • 1 Magician
  • 1 Behemoth
  • 1 Beast
  • 1 Flyer
  • 1 God - King Kong himself!
Early on I thought I saw an exposed flank, so flew the Aerial Hero, with Flyer support to try to recoil Robin's Behemoth into the end of his line.

Instead, his Flyer recoiled my own Flyer into the Hero.


So I try to rush up some re-enforcements in the shape of zombie dogs - my Beasts element.


...they were ineffective in helping out.


Well, not one to pass up an apparent opportunity for quick success whilst and at the same time sticking my neck out just asking for it to be chopped off, I roll in my Knights.

Just to have them bounced off.


And in shambled the infantry.



...I did manage to roll up something. For the first and only time that evening. My skellies mob Robin's magician.




Blast! My doggies finally succumb to his dinos. With a little help from that Behemoth.

And that was the end of that. As Joy Cowley would have said. Robin's God didn't even turn up, but neither did he have to!

Still, it was a fun evening filled with stimulating conversation, a refreshing lager and plans for a 20mm Great War Spearhead game in a couple of weeks. Russians vs...Austrians? I want to say Austrians...Eastern Front anyhow.

Thanks Robin,


Sunday, 14 September 2014

One HOTT Spring Night, 2014, Game 1

Good afternoon,

Friday night saw me popping around to Robin's temporary accommodation while his house gets completely rebuilt courtesy of the earthquake three and a half years ago (that long?), for a long overdue HOTT Spring Night.

Robin brought out his VSF army...
  • Blade General
  • 3 Blades
  • 2 Shooters
  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Aerial Hero
  • 1 Hero 

...against my glorious, as yet un...what's the opposite of defeated. Victorious? Yes, unvictorious Sarmatians.
  • Hero General
  • 6 Knights
  • 2 Lurkers
  • 1 Dragon
The Dragon turned up early, and quickly set his sights on Robin's new fangled Arial Hero bearing contraption. Which flew from one flank...

...over to the other.

Notice that one on the die, resulting in a recoil result? You'll be seeing a lot of those over the course of the evening...

Anyway, Lord Chelting of Cheam and his wondrous flying machine, not keen on the support that the Dragon was getting from one of the Knights flew up and over to just short of the rough going.

Oh, and notice that hole in my line up above? One of those dratted shooters taking their toll on the waiting Knights. So what to do? Charge!

You know how I said you'd see that one again?


Hey! I've just realised, that was my Hero General! I completely forgot to treat him as such - I mistook him for just a grunt! So...factor 5 + 1 for General, -1 for overlapped + 1 = 6 vs. 3 + 5 = 8, that should just have been a recoil! Ah well...

...and even a three didn't help the cause!

Then Lord Chelting of Cheam turned around his wondrous flying machine...


And just to add insult to injury...

...haven't I seen that die somewhere before?

And that was the end of that.

One thing you gotta say about the game, at least it was quick!


Monday, 1 September 2014

Crossfire Intantry Stouch, Somewhere In Italy

Good evening,

Last Friday night Mark D came round for our usual Friday night games session. Usually board games, sometimes Paranoia or Star Wars (West End Games, 1st Edition) RPG. As Andrew was not feeling well, and Matt, well, since Andrew couldn't make it...anyway, I had previous mentioned to Mark that I wanted some Crossfire practice, so...

Since my laptop/Tablet PC was flat, I allocated the forces by memory. No vehicles. Couldn't remember their stats.

The Germans had one full company plus one understrength (by one platoon and mortar). The Kiwis had two full companies including a sub machine gun squad for each. One 3" mortar, one 2". The idea was that we were nominally playing mid 1944 in Italy, so the Germans were defending.

Mark chose the Germans, and I let him set up in what I was expecting to be forward defensive positions just south of the road (I think I need better roads). Instead he chose to set up in the rear, south, east and west of the pond.

(We considered the contoured rises/small hills to have ridges and judged line of sight accordingly.)

The Kiwis set up on the northern table edge.

As I was attacking, I took the first initiative. I threw down some smoke and made a fairly general advance, with a strong thrust on my western flank.

Although, because of Mark's initial deployment towards the rear, my left flank was able to advance a fair distance too.

These chaps are actually ensconced in the building.

However, when I got to the hedges by the road, Mark was able to pin part of my advance on the left.

We swapped initiative (I failed to supress anything during a group fire on this flank), so Mark tried moving north. Up until my centre was able to supress one poor squad caught in the open.

So it was back to me! That's one of the things I like about Crossfire - you're always involved in the game.

Anyway, my 2" mortar lays more smoke, and I roll in...

...right in, since those two German squads to the East had gone "no fire"...

One down...

...two down...

...and onto the isolated Company Commander...

...and there goes number three. Hang on!

The smoke lifts (to reveal a supressed German squad...must have happened before the assault...)

...and I occupy the building in the centre. Opposite a platoon of German infantry with an HMG.

I also sneak my 3" mortar F/O into an adjacent building who promptly gets pinned by some observant Germans.

Never mind, I press an assault against the aforementioned supressed squad on the eastern flank.

Hang on, that's not supposed to happen!

Now it was Mark's turn to drop smoke so he could move more troops into the centre.

My next initiative...

...and I finally deal to that CC. I follow up...

...and deal to that suppressed squad. Right, onto the pinned HMG.

Oh, come on! He was already down -2 for being a crewed weapon!

Mark pins two of my centre squads... I in turn pin his HMG.

During my next initiative I land smoke, and roll forward on the western flank. And my camera's flash gives out.

Next initiative, smoke disappears, and my HMG pours in the fire.

One gone...

...two gone, and in pile the boys.

One gone...

...two gone...

...and there goes the third.

It was at this point that Mark conceded the game.

(Bring out your dead!)

On post game analysis, Mark realised that he had set up his bods way too far back. I was expecting him to occupy the buildings across the middle...that's why he had a squad and mortar less, after all...

Still, we both enjoyed the game and he is keen for a rematch.