The Rescue of Orar Ergalo

A solo adventure for FFG's Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG.

Good evening,

I am trying out the RPG Solo Interface to try this adventure/story as I write it.

First "rolls"...

...gave me my character and overall task. Which I then filled out thusly...


You are Dragos Tona, a Rodian Explorer Scout...

...with a rather large motivation of Debt. You owe a heap of money for that ship of yours, a modified YT-1760 Small Transport...
...called, well, the Rodian Explorer. (I know, but, well...why not?!)

Orar Ergalo

You have been contacted by an associate, Stycho Jinzle, who is currently operating out of planet Dathomir (Galaxy Map co-ord O-06 - adjacent to the Hydian Way hyper-lane), who has news that cybernetics expert, Orar Ergalo...

The Utai are from the planet Utapau. They are in some ways the Prequel Trilogy's answer to the Ugnaughts: not much to look at but, they've got it where it counts.

Brawn 2; Agility 2; Intellect 2;
Cunning 3; Willpower 2; Presence 1

Wound Threshold: 12 + Brawn

Strain Threshold: 9 + Willpower

• Starting Experience: 90

Special Abilities: Utai begin the game with one rank in either Athletics or Resilience. They still may not train Athletics or Resilience above rank 2 at character creation. They also begin with a free rank in the Beast Handler talent. Utai have a Silhouette of 0.

Natural Followers: Utai are natural followers, so an Utai adds an additional Boost Die to the dice pool when providing unskilled assistance. In addition, characters add 1 Boost Die to Leadership checks to command Utai, provided their orders do not run counter to the Utai's nature or best interests.

Dark Vision: Utai remove up to 2 Setback Dice imposed due to darkness from any skill checks.

Designer Notes

Brawn - Utai are tough and strong for their size, and their constitution shows it (Utapauan DB; CSWE III 284). Star Tours employs Utai as luggage handlers (ST:TAC), as they have good stamina. D20 rules give them a bonus to Constitution (TOTG 127). Utai soldiers fought in the Clone Wars (CSWE II 301; CSWE III 284), and some turn these talents toward violence (CN2:SOS). We give them a 2 here, good for little guys but not on par with Wookiees and the like.

Agility - These little guys are agile enough to accomplish the labor and technical tasks they're responsible for (NEGAS), and they have the potential to become real aces in airspeeder combat (ICS). An average score should suffice.

Intellect - Utai rarely enter intellectual vocations, preferring instead to toil as manual laborers (Utapauan DB; NEGAS). Likewise, they take little interest in the outside galaxy (Utapauan DB; CSWE III 284). Nevertheless, their relationship with the Pau'ans means the Utai get to reap the benefits of high technology as long as they are willing to work (TP 4), and they often serve as technicians (NEGAS; CSWE III 284; ST:TAC; ROTS-n). We leave Intellect at 2 to allow for all these possibilities.

Cunning - The Utai in eons past tamed both the dactillions (CSWE I 161; CSWE III 284) and varactyls of Utapau, altering their culture forever by opening up new areas for exploration and colonization (Boga DB). Some Utai serve as varactyl handlers on Utapau (COTF; SOF 89; CSWE III 284; ROTS-n), and the species is known for its intuitive way with beasts (CSWE I 161). Further, at least one Utai made his way as a spy (L49). All of these points suggest a boost to Cunning is in order.

Willpower - Utai are somewhat cautious and cowardly (Utapauan DB), and they prefer taking orders to leading (TP 3, TP 5)—even if they are rebelling against Imperial oppression (TP 4). Obi-Wan is able to mindtrick one (ROTS 2), as well. We could lower Willpower a point, but much of this timidity may better be represented by a low Presence, so we keep Willpower at 2.

Presence - The species' inborn humility works against them here (ROTSVD 46), as does their natural shyness (Utapauan DB). They don't care much for leadership positions, either, preferring to be told what to do (TP 3, TP 5; NEGAS; TOTG 127). D20 rules reduce their Charisma (TOTG 127), and we follow suit with a Presence of 1.

Wound Threshold - For many of the reasons listed under Brawn, above, we should probably raise Wound Threshold somewhat to represent the Utai's natural toughness (Utapauan DB; CSWE III 284; TOTG 127).

Strain Threshold - Their timidity and skittishness (Utapauan DB; ROTSVD 46) both suggest a slight reduction is in order here.

Skills and Talents - Even with Brawn 2 and a higher-than-average Wound Threshold, we want to further emphasize the Utai's natural toughness and stamina. We can do this with a free level of Athletics or Resilience, so we offer a choice between the two.

Utai tend to get along well with beasts, which makes them natural animal handlers (TOTG 127). Indeed, many Utai make a living as varactyl handlers on Utapau (COTF; TOTC 126; CSWE III 296; NEGAS). Beast handling in FFG's system uses the Survival skill, so we could grant a free level of that skill. However, the lore seems to make the species' animal empathy more of a natural inclination. Their varactyl handlers still have to have years of training, but the species as a whole has a knack for taming and wrangling creatures (TOTG 127). D20 rules allow Utai to reroll a bad check to ride a mount, and even to attempt to sway the behavior of an untamed beast (TOTG 127). All of this points to something like the Beast Wrangler or Expert Handler talents from the Beast Rider specialization. Now, both are only available in that tree, so if we give one to the Utai here, we create a situation where the best Beast Handlers in the game must choose to be Utai. In this case the fluff wins out, and we go with a level of Beast Wrangler. An alternative approach would be to give a free rank in Survival.

Utai are born followers, with the Pau'ans their appointed managers (TP 3). We could represent this affinity for following orders with some sort of Leadership- or Discipline-based mechanic. Or we could also follow the lead of D20 rules and give the species a bonus to helping others at their tasks (TOTG 127). We go this latter route, modeling the ability on a similar capacity in the Drall species.

Other Abilities - Their dark, bulbous eyes grant Utai keen dark vision (ROTSVD 46; Utapauan DB; NEGAS; TOTG 127; CSWE III 284), necessary for their subterranean civilization (Utapau DB; NEGAS). We model this after the Kel Dors.

At 1.22 meters (Utapauan DB) or 1.4 meters on average (NEGAS), Utai are nicknamed "shorts" (Utapauan DB; NEGAS; TEA 111; CSWE III 284; ROTS-n). We deem them Silhouette 0.

(All copied from the The Great Movie Alien Compendium)

...working for Black Sun organisation practically as a prisoner on the planet Ord Mantell [Galaxy Map co-ord L-07]...
He wants out of his criminal obligation to his employers...
  • blackmail - he's wanted by the local (Mantell) authorities in connection to the development of technologies used in the stealing of sensitive corporate information). 
...but his employers most definitely do not. Not only does he know too much, but he's a dab hand with making criminal gizmos - a very profitable stream of income for his boss. So he is kept (fairly comfortably) at the station, and is allowed out into the capital...under escort...but, well...a prisoner he is in all but name.

Ergalo is requesting passage off world and safe delivery to Jinzle, who can then make Orar disappear - so long as Jinzel's involvement in this matter remains undiscovered.

The payment for this "rescue" is some juicy inside information about the organization of the Black Sun operations on Ord Mantel. Information that would likely fetch a fine price from the right people. Assuming you don't get killed first.

This is not exactly what you had in mind when you started out as a Scout - Ord Mantell cannot really be considered to be unexplored wilderness - but goodness knows you need the money. Your patron and your creditors are getting impatient for some return on their investment.'re off to scout what's what.

Chapter One - Let's have a look around...

After an uneventful trip to Ord Mantell, you land unquestioned ("Just here on personal business, Ma'am.") on Worlport. You make your way to the outskirts of the industrial district. As you look up from the bottom of the 10 Mile Plateau, you think "Oh, the places you'll go..."

First obstacle - "overthrow". Overthrow what? The external/internal security system to get access to the single [industrial sized] turbo lift that leads from the bottom to the top of the plateau...
  • "overthrow" (by pass/sneak past) the external security station personal at the base of the mesa - think toll booth/security station
  • "overthrow" the security system to gain access to the turbolift, and to find a secure observation posse so as to get the lay of the land, so to speak
As you walk towards the mesa you take in your surroundings. There are a number of open air bazaars, there to try to catch the tourist market, as well as a good number of outdoor eateries. You sit down at one with a good view of the entrance to the complex, order a drink, and sit back to watch the comings and going of the station.
    Roll Perception (one green, one yellow) against a pretty easy difficulty - one purple - to see if you can notice a pattern/routine/weakness in their security.

    They seem pretty relaxed about it all - I mean, who'd be mad enough to try to get in, right?

    [That is 4 successes, right?!


    You notice pretty quickly that there is a fair amount of repulsor lift traffic in and out of the complex ("What are they making again?"), and although the security personnel are checking the identity of the drivers, they are only making a very nominal check of the actual cargo compartments.

    You also notice that the guards are only armed with light blasters and that their security pass cards are displayed openly on their belts - a pretty easy mark for someone with a bit of pick-pocketing agility...

    You think about it, finish up your drink and head back to the ship. You'll try again tonight - even though security seems a bit lax, there's still a lot of eyes about during the day. Let's see if things look more advantageous tonight.

    After freshening up on the Explorer you head back out after dark. Another casual stroll through town confirms your impressions - the place is packed with tourists here for the gambling. And, as the hours in the casinos wear on, so too the booze. Although you do notice a marked increase in the obvious presence of private security officers. Makes sense, I guess. The casinos need patrons, and you won't get many repeat customers should they get mugged!

    You arrive across from your previous drinking establishment. No need to get unduly recognized, so you try to blend in. Stealth vs. easy...

    And yet, even so, the serving droid from across the road does indeed recognise you and gives you a friendly wave. You raise your glass back, and it returns to it's duties. be a little more inconspicuous...

    You take a (what you hope to be seen as a) casual glance back across the way to the security post to the spire. You immediately notice that the traffic gates are closed - no deliveries outside daylight hours then. You also notice (one yellow, one green, one purple and a black - a setback for the night)...

    ...a Triumph! (Plus a Success and a Boost).

    You notice a hole in the sensor grid to the left of the main gate, conveniently covered by one of the many low hanging bushes that abound on Mantell. Not only that, but you also notice that one of the "attending" (though it obviously isn't) security droids is standing motionless by the security station to the right of the main gate, apparently oblivious to the outside world. There appears to be some small commotion in the station between the two Mantellians - probably about who's going to call in the repair droids...and who gets the blame!

    The turbo lift to the spire is also apparently shut down for the night, and is currently un-illuminated, sitting in the shadows like a neglected wardrobe. (!)

    Although you are keenly aware that the longer you hang around, the greater the chance that someone could ask silly questions, you are also aware left your speeder bike back on the ship! If and when you do get Orar down, there's a good chance that a leisurely stroll back to the spaceport won't cut it. You finish up your drink and head back to the Explorer, thinking that next evening might be a goer.

    Chapter 2 I wonder if there's another way in...

    After a day's prep (rope, blaster, comlink back to the ship - she can get herself ready to leave in a pinch - electrobinoculars, scanner goggles...and a med pack...all stored neatly in your backpack), you pull down your scanner goggles - no point in getting bugs in your eyes - and head back downtown after dark, carefully avoiding any reckless biking that might draw attention to yourself.

    Before heading back to the gate, you decide to skirt right around the mesa for a bit of...orienteering.

    You head out of town and gun it. (Two purple, one black - it's dark, inspite of your scanner assisted sight - four green. You're quite good at this kind of thing!)

    It's a beautiful night for a ride. The warm scents of air fill your lungs and the adrenaline sets your heart a thumping. This is great! As you scream around the spire, you notice a number of back trails leading up to additional gates around the back of the complex. You pull over to investigate.

    Is anyone about? No, and... you are able to get right up to the security barrier undetected. Once again, you have a good look around you...perception check (one yellow, one green, this time av difficulty)... see 20 meters to your right a control panel, right next to a personal gate in the security field. Now, if you could hack that...

    (Is it big enough to get your bike through? No , but...)

    Further down, half a kilometre back towards the way you came looks to be a secondary vehicle entrance, with tracks that lead up the back of the spire. You pull out your macrobinoculars, and yes indeed, there it is. Cool! That long as you can get there sufficiently undetected.

    [At this point, John Sargison joins in via Skype from Tasmania...he takes over the role of Drogos Tona.]

    You ride down to the vehicle entrance. It looks like an arch between the security fields around the facility. There is another security pad to the left of the arch way.

    You contact your ship, and show it the picture of the security pad - there is an astromech interface port in the pad. You tell the ship to programme your complink as a surrogate droid interface plug to hack the port for you.

    Your ship is unable to hack the gate. Worse than that Jim - it triggers an alarm! You see lights come beaming in your direction and the high pitched whine of droid repulstor lift engines.

    So you do what any sensible would be intruder does - you pull your blaster and fire into the panel!

    The panel explodes in flash of multicoloured lights, and the field within the arch disappears. You've hacked your way in...sort of!

    You jump on your bike and gun it for the base of the spire. As you're screamin up towards the base of the cliff you contact your (somewhat useless) ship for schematics... no avial! Your contact to your ship is being jammed.

    In no time at all you reach the end of the road at the base of the spire to see a secondary vehicle sized turbo lift. At the same time, two security repulsor droids fly in to 10 meters either side of you.

    They are now five meters away. You draw your blaster and start shooting.

    (4 success and three advantage)

    The droid to your right explodes in a shower of droid parts. You roll off your bike while the shrapnel sailed at speed across the threshold of the lift. A stray piece 'o droid hits the other, spinning it mid air, sending it's own shot wildly into the night.

    You are now on the ground behind your bike and you fire again.

    You hit it square on (damage 6 - the droid soaks up 4, damaging it to half strength.)

    It fires back, however, as it is already disoriented...

    The shot misses, however you get showered in sparks and detritous from where the bolt landed.

    Your second shot lands, destroying the droid. All falls silent, and dark...for but a moment.

    Suddenly the area is lit up and you are surrounded by half a dozen security personal (Spaceport Security Detail Minion, pg. 398) who have appeared as if out of no where. Their guns are levelled at you, and they don't seem to be in the mood for a chat.

    Chapter 3 - Out of the frying pan...

    You are taken up to the top of the spire, and are "escorted" into a security office. In front of you, flanked either side by security officers, is a space port security officer [rival - pg 398]. You scan the displays behind Bera Panne but before you can gather any useful information at to the whereabouts of Orar Ergalo, he notices and stops you.

    "Good evening. My name is Bera Panne, chief security officer of this establishment. May I ask to whom I am speaking?"

    "Lygo Jagwatts", you reply.

    "Why, Mr Jagwatts, are you here at this rather unpleasant hour?"

    "I am here to investigate your operation on behalf of some powerful interests"

    Panne looks at you with some suspicion - you have managed to place him some unease, there have been some rumours of late of a rival entity, possibly the empire itself, wanting to breach security. He decides not to vapourise you immediately.

    "Go on," he says.

    "I suggest that, in light of certain outside interests, you would be well advised to let me on my way. If it was discovered that I had not returned, there would be significant intervention on my behalf"


    He thinks for a moment...and turns to one of his subordinates. He whispers something in his ear, and the lacky leaves the room. "Please, take a seat Mr Jagwatts. We will be with you momentarily." He gestures to a seat in the corner. The remaining lackey goes and stands by the door.

    "So what do you intend to do with me? Are you going to release me?"

    "Not immediatley, we would like to just check your story with our own sources. Please help yourself to a drink". A little tray pops out of the wall with some glasses of blue and green liquid.

    "Ha ha ha. Do you really expect that the persons who sent me confirm my story. They are, to be honest, more concerned with their own plausible deniability. You surely must be aware how these things work?"

    "Never the less, Mr Jagwatts, I request that you stay here for the time being." The henchman by the door folds his arms menacingly. Panne goes back to his work.

    After a quick survey of the scene...

    • (a fairly generic, square security office, with a wide desk at one end, in front of a wall of monitors, a door to the right of the desk (your left), a door behind through which you entered, a couple of chairs in the corner and a small table with two glasses, one filled with blue liquid, the other, green), lunge at the minion standing by the door.

    You manage to throw him to the wall as he is drawing his blaster...

    After some brawling...

    ...during which he manages to grab you around the waist as you are stretched out across the floor, whilst grabbing for the gun.

    You succeed in picking up the gun, in spite of being held down by Mr Minion, and aim it at Mr Panne, who, by this time has got out from behind his desk, raised the alarm and has drawn his own weapon. He who goes down for 12 wounds. He stumbles back and lands heavily against the far wall, out of the fight for the time being.

    M2 makes another lunge. You use your boots to try to kick him away, however he still manages to knock the gun out of your hand. It goes skittering across the floor and lands in the corner of the room. Moreover, he manages to strike you across the head, momentarily disadvantaging your next strike. Your wound threshold is now down to 10.

    In spite of this, you manage to use some Rodian martial arts to poke him in the eyes, savagely, whilst jabbing a fist to his solar plexus. He rolls off you in pain and is temporarily blinded.

    You hear footsteps coming down the corridor, but before you manage to grab the gun...

    ...Mr Panne lands two successful hits against you, in spite of his injuries (note red challenge die), and you drop into unconsciousness. Just as Minion 2 staggers up, and boots you fair in the stomach for good measure!

    You are "escorted" into a holding cell, and given some rudimentary medical assistance. Some time later, you wake up...

    [Opps, John was right, I was being a bit brutal with the combat -I was applying a hit per success , instead of just applying an additional damage. Opps!Still, we're both just learning, so...he's still wounded in a holding cell!]

    Chapter 4 - Yeah, G'day...

    You wake up in a cell, groggy, slightly disorientated and aching overall. You look down - you are still in your own clothes, however there are a number of burnt holes in them, showing stempacks underneath. At least they wanted to keep you alive...

    You look around you...

    The cell is pretty standard. Holofield barriers, three solid walls, a basin and mirror - you just know your being watched. There are two guards, both sitting with their backs to you at terminals at the end of the one way corridor. You can also see two other cells across from you (and therefore surmise that there is likely to be one other next to your own). The one on your left is empty, the one directly in front of yours is occupied by a human male. He is asleep, with his back to you...

    Time passes - you lie back down and wait...

    "Psss...hey, fresh meat!" You look up, and see your fellow prisoner calling out to you.

    You nod, nonchalantly.

    "What are you in for, bro?"

    "Disturbing the peace, " you cautiously reply.

    "How so?"

    "I was just trying to find my way in, and they didn't like it. I may have caused a bit of damage to their hardware...and people... What about you?"

    "Oh, I thought I might just liberate some of their stock...they seemed to have so much of it. Got caught."

    "So how long have you been here?"

    "Ohh, dunno. 'Bout a day or so. We'll just see what happens"

    While you are conversing, a voice booms from down the hall "Studdup you slags!"

    "Nice!" you say, under your breath.

    You realise that it's the biggest of the two guards. He saunters down the hall.

    "Hey you, Matwe, give it a rest, will you? Some of us are trying to sleep!" The guard winks at you. He seems pretty laid back. "And as for you, well...we'll be dealing with you soon enough. Good to see you're up though, thems were some pretty big 'oles in your side! Ha ha ha...!" He heads off down to the security station, giggling quietly to himself.

    Ok, so having a normal chat with Matwe isn't going to work. Nevermind. You are pretty fluent in Old Outer Rim Hand Signal, so you give it a go. Or were going to. Instead, Matwe signals you.

    "Have you got a plan?"

    "Nope." you reply.

    Chapter 5 - And away we go!

    Before Matwe can signal back a mild expletive, everything suddenly falls into darkness. Including the holofields that were keeping you in your cell.

    "Hey, who turned out the lights!" one of the guards shouts out. "Check the prisoners quickly!"

    You hear the sound of heavy boots stomping down the hall, as one of the guards stumbles down muttering and mumbling under his breath about faulty circuitry. "You two better not be thinking of doing anything stupid!" he yells.

    Thinking of doing something clever is rather more on your mind. Using your Stealth and Stalker skills (+1BD to stealth rolls), you crouch into the corner of your cell, waiting for the optimal moment to strike out at the guard.

    However, before you can launch yourself towards your captor, you hear a commotion from across the hall, just as the emergency lights come up, casting a dull red hue over the cell block.

    Matwe, not being the most patient or subtle fellow, launches himself at the guard even before he is level with the cell door. You hear, seeing as you cannot see what's going on from your hiding place, both of them falling to the ground, along with the other guard yelling "What the...hang on!", and the sound of running combat boots.

    "Oh bother it!" you mutter, as you launch yourself at the second guard, managing to swipe him across the face.

    He twists around, and then quickly throws a punch your way. You manage to dodge his blow, and as his momentum momentarily carries him forward, you quickly spin and lunge out with your left leg, striking him squarely on his right leg, sending him squealing to the floor. As he falls past you, you reach out and nimbly grab his blaster from his holster. However, before you can take advantage of your fallen foe, he rolls towards you with the intention of bowling your legs right out from under you. You deftly jump over him, landing behind him, as he stops, facing away from you. A quick switching of the setting, and you blast a stun bolt from point blank range right into the back of him. He instantly relaxes into a neuro induced comor.

    And not a moment too soon. Although Matwe has the enthusiasm, he does not have the skill to match the guard he is dealing with. You look around to see that Matwe is on his back, being somewhat pounded into submission!

    However, a quick stun shot frees him from his dilemma.

    Just as suddenly as the light had gone out, they come back on, and you hear the turbo lift arriving at the detention centre. Both you and your companion rush towards the desks at the end of the hallway for cover just as the lift doors open. You train your gun on the entrance...

    You hear a nervous voice coming from the lift. " anyone there?"

    You recognise the diminutive creature cautiously stepping out of the turbolift as non other than Orar Ergalo, the Utai that you have been dispatched by Stycho Jinzle to bring back to  Dathomir. You call out to Matwe "Hold fire!" and get up from behind your desk.

    "Ah, hello, umm...are you here to rescue me?" Orar calls out.

    "Well, yes. Though you seem to be rescuing us at the moment!" you reply.

    "Ah, good. Yes, I thought it might be you." He walks around the desk towards you. "Mr Jinzle did say that he had contacted a Rhodian to come and get me, so, when I heard that one had been captured trying to get into the complex, thought it might be the fellow I was looking for. It was a simple matter to momentarily turn off the lights and adjust the security feed so that should anyone want to see what is going on up here, they will witness a scene of completely average routine."

    You thank him for his ingenuity, and introduce Matwe..."Sorry, I didn't catch your last name?" "Turnel", Matwe replies. "Ah, this is Matwe Turnel. A bit of a scoundrel, really!"

    "Hey!" cries Turnel. He looks at you thoughtfully, then shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, ok...fair enough, I guess," he replies with a laugh.

    Orar explains that he can get you, and your companion, should he want to accompany the both of you, out of the complex. Though, from there he is would be quite reliant on you to get him off planet.

    "I've got a ship waiting," you reply, "though I came here with a speeder bike. I like that bike - it's worth quite a bit of money!"

    "Oh," Orar replies, "that will be impounded in the loading bay at the base of the spire. If you can unlock the restraints, it should be quite ready to go."

    "Well Mr Ergalo," you say, "this is your show for the time being. Please lead on. Oh, and Matwe, please make sure your blaster is on stun. I don't want to make any more enemies than I absolutely have to."

    "Fair enough," he replies.

    Orar Egalo leads you into the turbo lift, inputs an access code and the lift rushes down to the basement / loading bay.

    You exit the turbolift...jack a forklift to run into a cargo skiff for a distraction, steal back your bike, dodge some fire, Matwe blows up a crate of stuff sending your adversaries flying, you grab Orar, Matwe jumps into a land speeder parked outside... all dodge some fire through the front gates...

    ...and after a chase through the town on speeder bikes...

    ...blast off from Worlport, and into a space battle.

    You manage to shake off one Z-95 before Orar boosts the hypernav computer into an early jump.

    You arrive at Dathomir and safely deliver Orar Ergalo to Stycho Jinzle who squirrils him away on the Hydian Way hyper-lane.

    The Rodian Explorer needs some repairs!

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