Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Early Imperial Roman General and Grunts

Good afternoon,

My second laid back week is fast drawing to a close, bother it, but, just before I go, so to speak...

These fellows make up my DBA/DBM (if I ever play it again...none of my mates are that keen on it anymore...)/HOTT command element. For Warmaster Ancients, it just makes up the numbers of a Cav unit, the commanders being more tokens than fighting stands.

All the riders and the two outside horses are HaT (the Vexillum carrier being a conversion from the HaT EIR Ax Cav dude waving his sword, if memory serves), and the centre horse is a Newline 20mm metal. I'm fairly pleased with how these turned out, 'cept the faces, which I'm still coming to grips with.

And now for the boys...

These are Esci Legionaries, with paper shield covers to hide the great big hole in the middle of the scutum! Just BMP files that I found a long time ago. I half thought they may look a bit naff, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the result.

The Centurion on the right is Italeri, the other and the signifiers are HaT.



  1. Yep.. can always tell when its term break.. my blog becomes more active then too.. These Romans are looking good, and we are always up for DBA....just haven't had much of a chance to play because of our training. You thinking of playing in the DBA tournament at Conquest btw? Keith and others have some loan 15mm armies available if you are.. It's my fallback if i don't get the Dwarves painted.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Yeah, now I'm hanging out for the Christmas Holidays!

    Conquest - that's Labour Weekend, isn't it? I'll consult with she-who-must-be-obeyed...