Tuesday, 6 October 2009


As well as hacking away at my EIR Ax, I also pottered along with a Warband element, one of many that needs (or needed) painting. So, as I chug along with Romans, or whatever, I'll keep turning out Warband until they're, well, all done.

Of interest, apart from seeing figures from three different manufacturers (Revell, Airfix and Italeri respectively), it the effect a spray on gloss I'm using has on the paint. To the naked eye, you can't really notice anything, yet, magnified, well...hmmm...

I ran out of Cabots, which is the water based polyurethane varnish that I apply to my finished figures. Leaves a glossy shine, but the finish is pretty tough, and keeps the paint from flaking. I gave away a heap, thinking I'd never use it all, but, ummm, then I kind of did...

Had I the money, I would have purchased another can, but, given they're $30, and money for my hobby is scarce, I thought I'd try a cheaper alternative. It's a far flatter finish, but, well, it's not as good.

Ah well, never mind.



  1. Really nice finish Nick, well done!

  2. Cheers Paul,

    The photo came out a little darker than I was hoping.

    It would seem that this marine gloss that I'm using as a varnish actually ate into the paint...well, the artist acrylic I was using for the spears and as a mix for the base coat for the flesh of the middle guy...so far the spay that I put onto the EIR Auxilia doesn't seem to be doing the same thing. Maybe because I applied a heavier spray coat.

    We'll see...


  3. I would not have guessed that it had eaten into the coat.

    Go half-vies with someone for some more Cabots, or buy something wooden for the better half and say you want to do it up...leading to a new can of cabots...heh heh heh...

  4. I have been very happy with Windsor & Newton acrylic Matt Varnish. It's a brush-on. I imagine you should be able to find it in a NZ art store.

  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the comments.

    Paul - good ideas, 'cept...I have enough trouble getting round to applying anything to plastic, I have diffuculty immagining applying Cabots to anything bigger!

    Andrew - I was in town today, so I checked out some Winsor & Newton Acrylic Matt Varnish. It's about 4 times the cost of Cabots! Well, volume for volume anyway.

    Its a bit of a mute point at the mo anyway, I just spent the last of my dollie money on replacing some paints.

    Cheers boys,