Thursday, 8 April 2010

Air Boat Kinda Done

Good afternoon,

Well, I've pasted the Gardiner Guns and crew atop Andy's Air Boat, and they look the biz.

It's a bit hard to see from this last photo (the camera's macro setting focused on the nearest Gardiner gun, rather than the whole 'vignette'), but the loader is one of the navy Gardiner crewmen with his arms replaced with the ones from the HaT Colonial Artillery loader, as inspired by S. M. Manix's contribution to HaT's Everything Toy Soldier page.

I also replaced an arm on the other main gun crewman, though the effect isn't a lot different to what he had originally.

Eventually I may put a solid railing/fence around the Gardiner guns, and I'll paste the officer with the telescope (once I've figured out how to do the braids on his jacket) on top by the ladder. Or on the bow. But I think closer to the bridge would make more sense, from a command perspective. In the meantime I'm happy enough to put it away.

Sweet, another thing down, now to work on my Late War Kiwis...oh, and that VSF steam driven magician artillery thingie I've got in mind, since I've got those spare gun carriages from the Gardiner and Gatling guns. A bit like this...

...with one carriage for the steam driven electricity generator and one for the electricity driven shooty thing, courtesy of a mad boffin type - hence the magician classification.



  1. That is NICE!!!! Will make my VSF look very pedestrian...

  2. Yep, Andy's a clever wee lad alright! Even finished me some Navy landing party to go with it. I'll get Andy to flock the base like he did his colonial shooters.

    And yours, pedestrian? With that cool steam powered automanon? Really? I don't think so!

    What I'd like is some bicycle riders...though I guess I'd settle some dudes on horseback...


  3. The question of 'riders' is interesting.. the whole 'mechanical steed' thing would look soooo good, but the only way I can figure to do them in 20mm is with horses, and a packet of 'Green Stuff'.

    I may have to go with HaT Colonial mounted infantry I suspect.

  4. I've been thinking of using Andy's original F-17 conversions - kind of steam powered mounted infantry...

    By the way, I've also decided to base some VSF for skirmishing. The Steam Tank and Air Boat (and steam buggies, should I get round to it) are just too cool to limit to HOTT!


  5. Hello.
    For the first time, (2) I see:
    miniature model of the Swedish Nordenfelt gun model.
    The British (Navy and Army) bought (1878) three-, and five barrel machine guns.
    (12 barrel weapon firing rate was 4000 round per minute)

  6. Hello. Glad you like them. They're from the HaT Gardiner gun set.

    8180 Gardner Gun and Crew