Monday, 21 March 2011

Zombie Dogs 'N Stuff

Good evening,

Here are my latest (and last - until I get another box of Skellies!) elements for my Undead HOTT/WMA/WM armies.

One unit/three elements of Zombie dogs, from the excellent board/tile game Zombies!!! Robin got a bag of these when he was over the ditch, and generously donated some to me, both for wargaming, and for, well, Zombies!!!ing. Thanks Robin.

They'll be HOTT Beasts or WM [Death? Hell? Zombie?] Hounds.

I tried painting the exposed bone a bony colour, with some blood atop that, with a liberal dash of watered down limeish green to really highlight the corruption of the rotting flesh. I'm pretty happy with them.

Next we have a Warmaster unit/three HOTT elements of...ummm...elite undead fighters? Three vampires flanked by scythe wielding, cloak wearing skeletons. Deaths? Cool looking minis anyway.

In HOTT terms they'll be classed as Blades. In WMA some elite type/hard hitting unit. What, with those vampires screaming round at super human speeds and all that.

And last, but by no means least, we have a HOTT flying element comprised of a couple of pieces from the Age of Mythology board game, said pieces having been purchased by Stan, and these two donated to me. Thanks Stan.

Unfortunately, the batteries refused to charge the flash, so...for what they're worth...

I may get round to retaking these pictures with full batteries at another time.

I'm really pleased with these guys, not for the least reason being that they've been sitting around for ages!



  1. Wow.. busy!!! I haven't even picked up a brush post EQ... I suppose I should just paint up a zombie army with all the zombies and dogs I have..sometime!!!
    Kind regards

  2. Cripes! You have been busy Nick. They all look grand, esp the shelia.

    Great work mate.

  3. Thanks boys. Umm, I kinda had some time on my hands while school was out...though I did help out out east a couple or three times during the same period, honest!


    And thanks again Robin for the doggies!

  4. The undead stuff looks great Nick.

    Cool that sexy vampiress.

    You even made those Caesar Alvin Stardust impersonators look menacing :-)

    Nice stuff.


  5. Some great painting again mate.

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Thanks Rich. They'll do the trick for the wargame table, but not really in the same league as yours!

    Still, I like 'em...