Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Re-Crewed Airfix AB Chariots

Good afternoon,

In between digging out silt (oh my, but there is a lot of it - on the other side of the city, mind...), I've been pottering along with some old Airfix chariots that I've been meaning to re-crew for ages.

A good number of years ago my sister, who was in the UK at the time, got me a 20mm Newline AB chariot. The chariot didn't really fit in with the rest of my [re-wheeled (with Freikorp 15mm artillery wheels)] Airfix chariots, but it came with two different sets of crew, and I thought "I can use those". And finally I have.

I think they work quite well.

The other two are much like one I did earlier. Re-crewed with Italeri Gallic command figures, with an Esci driver (and a comparatively boring Airfix one).

Trouble is, now I've got more chariots than I know what to do with!



  1. Now there´s an idea I didn´t come up with!! They look great...good idea of mixing and matching the bits and crews from hat.

  2. Romano British Chariot races? You could call them Ben Hurlee. :-)

  3. Thanks boys.

    Chariot races! Ben Hurlee! Ha!

  4. They look really good, nice post