Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spearhead Game

Good evening,

Just finished another cool game of Spearhead with Robin, this time with my own figs here at home using the expanded ground scale (50% above the [6mm] ranges).

No time to fiddle around with a proper report now, but...I did manage to use my Tablet PC (which really really doesn't like the new server/printer/Win 7 settings at school - poor thing really had a spaz this morning...looks like it'll be wiped and re-installed...again...which probably means losing my email addresses...again...)...

But I digress.

I used the tablet to mark down my orders on a photo of the initial set up of the board. Cool!

I'll explain them later, but, for the time being...

And while I remember, Robin highly recommended this book here Why the Allies Won the War, a brief run down of which can be found by the author here.

He also recommended Masters and Commanders...which is why we didn't get the game finished - we were too busy discussing, well, WW2!



  1. Great stuff Nick! Anything from the House of Conliffe is sacred... ;)



    1. Cheers Monty.

      Next time I'll experiment with smaller battalions so I could squeeze in another for a reserve, or even a flank march - Robin's flank march of a battalion on my flank/rear really mucked up my plans!

      (As it happened, it would probably have been better to ignore them...but, at the time I thought "Hey, why carry on to take on 2/3rds of his army when I could turn around and deal to 1/3rd first?" 'Cept the tanks would have been massacred once Robin scarpered his infantry into the town so they just sat there for the rest of the game!)

      Still, 'twas only my third game, still learning 'n all...