Monday, 16 April 2012

Toyworld Model Sale

Good afternoon,

I'm still pottering away with the latest batch of WW2 Kiwi infantry and the 25 pounder, but I was in Toyworld Tower Junction (actually looking for some Italeri M3 Halftracks...) when I came across this...

Somewhat inspired by Dave's Tempest and having wanted one for a while now to support my 20mm-Brits-cum-Kiwis-cum-Brits in Normandy, preferably as part of 486 (NZ) squadron...which I now realise were flying Tempests in Normandy! Bother!

Still, at the princely sum of $NZ 9.09, down 30% from $NZ 12.99, it still ain't half bad, and even if they haven't got a Tempest to replace it, I can still use it.

Dunno when the sale will end, and dunno if it's nation wide, or just in Riccarton, but, well, if you're after some plastic...



  1. Just add it to the stash eh? Picked up one of those myself a while back- it's in the stash.
    For a bloke who thought WW2 might be a side interest, you sure are getting into it ;)


    1. Evening Bro! Yeah, I know, but who doesn't like model aeroplanes?!

      Hey, we should do a joint build together! Says he who takes forever to get these things done...

    2. Oh joy oh joy, a group build!

      I have a Tempest to construct can I join in, it is a brother to the Typhoon.


    3. Ummm...yeah, I guess! Could be fun.

      How do these things work, anyway? Is it like a race or...what? Monitor each other's progress? Never done it, as you may be able to tell...but sure, you're more than welcome mate!

  2. I have completed group builds on my blog before and all we did was set a week aside to complete and just posted updates.

    I am sure we could rope in a few more bloggers.

    Set a date and you are on!

    1. Ah, ok...something like this?

      Do you enjoy building plastic models? Would you be interested in joining a Group Build?

      The basic idea is those interested choose a kit to build. Something relatively cheap and available. For example, a 1/72 scale piston engined fighter like a P-51 Mustang.

      Having chosen what to build, everyone goes off and starts to build it.

      Give yourselves, say, a month to complete the task.

      Everyone has to post regular updates and, if possible, post photos at the end of the finished kit.

      This isn't a competition, or a race...simply a shared activity, with an opportunity to build something for the fun of it, with a deadline to help kick us out of any modelling lethargy.

      So we post progress on our own blogs, or do we find somewhere to ...share?

      And, sorry, a week?! It's taken me over a week to get this Quad and 25 pounder together, and I still ain't finished painting it!

    2. A week Nick! LOL.

      Okay this sounds good. A month then, the great 1/72 piston engine challenge.

      I vote we just tag onto our own blogs, simplifies the matter that way I think.

    3. Sweet! How's one month, starting the 1st of May (as in, I may get this done by the end of the month...)

      How 'bout making it a Hawker Wind built - anything from the Hurricane, through Typhoon, to Tempest and...beyond? The Fury, that's a kind of wind storm isn't it? Ha, that'd cover before the war (Fury bi-plane) through to after the war (Sea Fury).

      Or shall we widen it out to a "weather name" build? Lightning, Thunderbolt etc included.

      Ha! That's assuming...oh, hang on, you could advertise it on your blog - a much larger following...



  3. Excellent idea about the naming, I think Hawker build is the way to go.

    We advertise on all the blogs we can, or all the bloggers that are interested.

    A larger following does not mean anyone is reading what I post mate!

    1. Excellent! We'll call it The Great Hawker Weather Named Aircraft Build.

      Starts the 1st of May (NZ time!) and goes for a month. Though you may well get yours done in a day! :-)

      Shall we both keep an updated list of the participants? Cut off for entry being the 30th of April?


  4. WILCO Red Leader, We post the idea out tomorrow...?

    1. Do we have clearance, Clarence? Roger, Roger. (For 100 points, complete this cockpit dialogue!)

      We'll post tomorrow. The Great Hawker Weather Named Aircraft Build.

      I'm sure I read somewhere a reference to a weather event called a fury, but I'm blowed if I can find it. Apparently they named the biplane Fury 'cause the Ministry wanted it to be called something ferocious, but I'm not sure why they called the "Tempest Light Fighter" the [Sea] Fury...

    2. Ok, here's an obscure link that could include Furies into the Great Hawker Weather Named Aircraft Build...

      Why are Hurricanes called Hurricanes?


      The word hurricane comes from an old Spanish word, huracan, the word indigenous inhabitants of Spain used to refer to evil spirits and the weather gods. They were the first to use this word to specifically relate to the violent storms that sank Spanish ships in the Caribbean.

      It is possible that the word actually originated from the Mayan culture. In Mayan mythology, Huracan is the name of the god of storm. He was generally considered to be more like the winds and the storms themselves. In the Mayan language, his name means "one legged". The word hurricane is derived from Huracan's name.

      A Fury was also a nasty mythical creature bent on destruction...? Weak, I know, but it's the best I can do at the moment...

    3. May hmmmmnn.... Might be able to join in on that.... haven't built an aeroplane in over 30 years I reckon, should be a challenge.

      I want to stick mine on some sort of flight stand so I can blast rockets into those German fact I have saved an old telescopic aerial from a radio for just such a purpose....

      They have some very cool group builds on The Guild forum:
      Just announced one for constructing or painting a building or similar- might have a go at that, as I have been working on something like that recently....

    4. Excellent!

      That makes three of us.

      Yeah, I want to do much the same with mine. Not sure how...

      One of the reasons I didn't continue building model aeroplanes back in the day - I'd make 'em, but couldn't play with them!

      Good on ya mate!