Monday, 23 April 2012

3000 Point Epic A Game

Good evening,

Since the tables were still up and the tables set, so to speak, from Friday night's Spearhead bash, I invited Mark round yesterday for a game of his choice. He chose Epic. Good choice!

I just swapped out the WW2 buildings for some 6mm ruins (and destroyed vehicle markers) and such, sorted out two 3100 point armies using this very useful army list generator and away we went. End to end. Opps!

(The Orks were partly given me (unpainted) and partly purchased (really cheap) mostly painted. A very effective use of inks...)

Mark's first effort to march his Whirlwinds fails, so he receives a blast marker. This was to repeat next turn as well...

He scoots his Predators into [what's left of] the town...

...and I zip up my bikes to just behind the crest of the hill facing the tower.

The rest of our forces rumble toward each other.

Mark sets up his scout titans at the edge of the town and awaits developments.

Contact! The Gargant has finally rumbled into action, and has expressed exception to the Marine Bikes in way of the three Supa-Guns!

In response, Mark, well, assaults the titan! I did give him a chance to change his mind, but, well...

Next turn, the Gargant's attention swaps to the scout titans. Places a blast marker and strips a void shield or two, but, other than that...which reminds me, we didn't dice to replace the void shields at the end of the turn. Opps!

Mid game, we're almost ready to get down to it.

Mark moves a Tactical squad into one of the burning craters...

...and unleashes a Whirlwind barrage onto the bikes. For no casualties.

Finally the Big Mob is close enough to do some stuff! But not before the Cult of Speed (bikes) get done over by the scout titans - five of eight get destroyed, the other three run away.

I move in the two Stompa mobs to take on the titans (vaguely successful), which prompts Mark to get his Predators in behind the closest mob of Stompas, and they get caught in a crossfire. 'Twas almost the end of them!

Sooo, seeing how effective a crossfire can be (it reduces armour saves by 15%), I in turn sent in the boys to set one up one on these very same Predators.

To very good effect! Three of four down, with the fourth running down the road!

On the other flank Mark unleashes the second attack from the Land Raiders, and breaks yet another blitz brigade (Gunwagons). Rats, I was hoping that flank might last a little longer...

Mark also unleashes the Assault Marines over the hill and into the buggies.


In the centre Mark finally gets his Terminators into a positions to get busy...

...but time had run out!

As I indicated at the beginning of the post, starting from opposites end of the table rather than from opposite sides turned out to be a bit of an error. The afternoon had become the evening, and it was time to end.

Hence, these shots of the final positions...

Thanks for coming round for the game Mark, it was cool. Really gotta get me those Orks painted...


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