Sunday, 29 March 2015

2015 Comics Compulsion X Wing Miniatures Game Store Championship...

...was not won by me!

'Twas the first time I'd flown my Firespray (Boba Fett, no less - less maneuverable, yet more agile than the Falcon. If that makes sense. Which it probably doesn't...), as well as my first taste of using Mangler Cannons.

I came in the middle somewhere - two wins, two losses.

Still, it was a great day's entertainment...and a good time was had by all!!

Thanks Tim,



  1. You cannot win them all Nick.

    Insert reference to Black Caps here...

  2. Nice work: very glad you enjoyed it: I'm not very competitive at all but I cannot wait to go to another store competition!

    1. Neither am I mate - I won the 2014 store champs by taking the Falcon and only going up against 7 others! Not so this time - there were 22 of us!

      I entered for the giggles - I knew I had no chance, but it is fun to play against bods who you don't usually play against.